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  1. Ugh, Epoch AutoBan

    The issue still persists, I need help here guys.
  2. Ugh, Epoch AutoBan

    Yes, I did. I added them before adding myself as admin. It worked fine until I added myself as admin, it has something to do with that I'm sure of it.
  3. Ugh, Epoch AutoBan

    One more issue, everything is finally working and connecting, but I added myself as admin/owner in epochah.hpp, and got my ass banned. "EpochMod.com Autoban #0" was the message, and I'm surely not trying to hack on my own server, I'm not sure why it thinks I am just because I added myself as an admin. It won't even let me connect, as soon as I join the server I don't even get into the lobby and it kicks and bans me. I have JSRS support on the server, which worked fine before I added myself as admin, so shouldn't be the issue. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Set of CBA filters

    Does anyone have a set of BE filters I could use to get around CBA kicks. I'm still learning and messing around with filters and I'm not sure I could make my own yet.
  5. Windows Server 2012 problems?

    I finally got it to show up, I opened up ports 2300-2306 TCP & UDP and allowed the A3 Server exe to pass through.
  6. Windows Server 2012 problems?

    I will ask if disabling Windows firewall doesn't work. I am 99% sure though that they haven't anything blocked.
  7. Windows Server 2012 problems?

    I don't have a router, this is on a VPS I bought that automatically has all ports open. I'll try shutting down Windows firewall and see what it does. @Tyler, I already tried it without the IP param, I just threw it in there to see if it would work, I meant to take it back out.
  8. Windows Server 2012 problems?

    That is what I'm saying I was doing, itdoesnt show up on remote or when I filter for it.
  9. Windows Server 2012 problems?

    Hello, I am having an issue with getting Epoch server to show up in the server list. I am trying to direct connect to it using it's IP: Everything loads up server side fine, just connecting with the client is the issue. I have made rules for inbound and outbound connections in Windows firewall, ports 2302, 2303 and 2304. Also, all my filters in game are cleared except for the IP in Remote. I'll post all my configs and stuff below. Launch params: EpochServer.ini: redis.conf SC/Config.cfg BEServer.cfg
  10. Ambient music? Like DayZ Arma2

    You can get the sound script from the Arma 2 epoch repo on GitHub.
  11. Require BEC?

  12. Require BEC?

    Thanks Friendly, but I grabbed it from the link Richie gave me.
  13. Require BEC?

    Does Epoch still require BEC after the last update? If so, can anyone provide me a link so that I can download because the author took it down.
  14. "Missing content" when all addons are enabled

    I have no choice but to make them lowercase, but I will do it without renaming them completely.
  15. "Missing content" when all addons are enabled

    I am not using Dayz Launcher, I am running this on a VPS, completely outside my home network. I don't use any launcher at all for any mods I use.