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  1. How to join- To join the JCG DayZ epoch server you have to open your DayZ Launcher. After that direct yourself to the top left corner to where it says NAME:. In that box put JCG and the server will pop up! If you are confused on how to do this I will provide an image of it down below! About the Server- SERVER IP: This is a server that just has been released by the JCG gaming community. In the server we have AI missions, L85 AWS, AS50, Active Staff, coin currency, Tow & Lift, Snap building pro, and much more! Our teamspeak ip is: if you would like to pop in and say hello! The owner of the server is STZY! STZY being the alone admin ATM we are always looking for our loyal players to maybe step it up a notch in the JCG community. We have a Server Event every weekend! Prizes vary to Coins.....all the way to any gun in the game you want! We do base giveaways every 2-3 months. We put all player names into a random name generator and first one picked wins! Now you might be thinking that we are doing all of this for "Money" but in all reality JCG is here for the experience and interaction with people across the country! Even if you do donate all proceeds go towards server cost to keep the server you love up and running! About JCG- JCG (JustCuzGaming) is a organization that does commentaries, reviews, challenges, and much more on youtube! JCG founders are me (STZY) and my two other cousins which are Jayden and Kaleb! We all have had a passion for gaming since we were little! Growing up together we wanted to always start a "Business" together. This is a good opportunity for our community to grow. I hope you understood the joining process of the server. That's all for JCG today! I hope to see you guys in game! Have a nice day.
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