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    well damn, looks like I was overlooking this as I was told incorrectly. sorry for the bad advice.
  2. Turns out I was having database corruption issues.
  3. Hey guys, I updated to 3.3 today and every time I join I get this in my logs... Exception code: C00000FD STACK_OVERFLOW at 0FE369CD Then the server crashes. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. B_Man


    normal. been seeing that forever.
  5. So I wasn't sure about that as well on another script and I just put it in both lines, got it working, then took one away to isolate. Are you using infistar? Only asking cause I am not. Is anyone successfully using this script that is NOT using Infistar? I am only using stock AH and still no luck. The weird thing is I do not even see this loading up in my logs. I have gone so far as to dump everything in my init file and only run this script alone and by itself and haven't had any luck. For what its worth, when I find out why Ill post it.
  6. Well Mr. Darth, still isn't working. Unfortunately I have a lot of working going on so I will try to solve this in a few days. I also tried this today without positive results: Keep trying different things between the init file and using a onPlayerRespawn.sqf. I am also going to look into what lines in my init can be moved over to the sqf and which ones should stay. Thanks for your input though. Appreciate it. init file
  7. So I installed this script as is, no changes original script. I first tried using the init file and moved the statement from top to bottom and played with the order. The only thing that got me was other scripts not working. I saw earlier Halv suggested that people should us onPlayerRespawn.sqf and also noticed Darth posted his. So after using the init didn't work I created a onplayerrespawn.sqf: onPlayerRespawn.sqf Still doesn't work. I don't have any BE kicks but I don't even get a scroll wheel option or anything. I am using the correct charge as well. Any suggestions would be appreciated. My init looks like this:
  8. I did not see anyone having this issue in the thread but recently the AI are either dead while parachuting to the ground or they die on impact. ALL of the AI in the helicopter die. I just started noticing this today but it could have been going on for awhile now. Log looks like: 15:17:29 Error: Object(4 : 237) not found 15:17:54 [SDROP]: Crate landed. Starting Crate de-spawn timer 15:19:00 Server: Object 4:242 not found (message Type_90) 15:19:06 Server: Object 4:243 not found (message Type_400) 15:19:08 Error in ReloadMagazine - unable to locate target weapon arifle_TRG21_GL_F 15:19:41 "#SEM: Mission AI waiting for their first encounter" Any ideas what would cause this and/or how to fix? Thanks.
  9. B_Man

    Need help

    IMO, you could host your own server, locally on your home computer or like you said host a session. That way you could do whatever you wanted and learn and make mistakes. I am not sure your "character" can interact and build items like that in the editor. I could be wrong though.
  10. Post the log error. I'll paste what I have if it's the same.
  11. Thank you cyncrwler. Seems I was being an idiot with and did not have closing quotes. That string you suggested worked but on line 25. Thanks again.
  12. Updated to 0.3.2 today and have BE issues. I don't see anywhere in the forum that I am supposed to add these exceptions in the scripts.txt but it worked. I am only posting to get input on whether I screwed up, shouldn't use this or maybe someone needs help. But this one I CANT figure out for the life of me. I would appreciate some help. B_Man xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - #18 "this enableSimulation false; this allowDamage false" This seems to have stopped. Don't know why. B_Man xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - #23 " [0]; systemChat localize "STR_HS_DOUBLECLICKTOADD"; }; HS_additemtolb = { disableSerialization; _ctrl = _this select 0; _tree " I don't see and cant find anything that I need to add to line 25 to stop the kick. This is my current script.txt for line 25: 7 addItem !="player addItem _craftItem;" !="player addItem _x;" !="_plyr addItemToVest _missionItem;" !="axeVIP addItemToVest _item;" !="_plyr addItemToVest _missionItem;" !="_this call HS_additemtolb;false" Thanks. Any help to this error is greatly appreciated. Also, I have Googled the Sh*t out of these kicks but cant figure it out.
  13. Was wondering if someone could help me with this BE filter (scripts.txt) after updating to 0.3.2. Can seem to get it to work. #18 "SEM_AIsniperDamageDistance)then[{ if(!isPlayer _x)then{_x allowDamage false}; },{ if(!isPlayer _x)then{_x allowDamage true}; }];" I have tried to add !="if(!isPlayer _x) then {_x allowDamage true};" to line 19 and I still am getting kicked. Tried several variations and no luck.... Fixed: Added to line 20 for the allow damage. Makes no sense why line 20 not 19.
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