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  1. Hello in the club. Does it work on ?? I can not find the script \ click_actions \ config.sqf :( solved ... inserted into player_craftItem.sqf and now only works to resolve rotation and height before standing does not want me to work.
  2. F3cuk it has 2.2.0 ust ask but I'm asking wrong :-) amount I try to look at the group managment and thank you for your help. Here F3cuk remote.sqf https://gist.github.com/Cenda1986/1f32fbfa92a4f57b9f3c To learn what it is that someone knows remote.sqf
  3. If you do not want me to help so I do not know why laughing at my question. I downloaded 2.2.0 and there is remote.sqf everything works as it should so I wanted to try if it works radio Right click on the radio and window pops me remote_switch_on_off.sqf not found so I ask where can I find the script if it exists, and if not so what am I wrong. Thank you for your help and ridicule Forgive. Excuse my English
  4. Hello nice work and only one question. Where is remote switch on off.sqf? :-(
  5. Nice work EPD ;-) And thank you for helping me here gives the setting of the static spawn for Construction as an example:-) This is a WAI 2.2.0 https://gist.github.com/Cenda1986/472f5803263a4a75e8d2
  6. Hello is sometimes set the delay after AI spawn marked on a map? Not that I can not find it anywhere :-( Thank you in advance.
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