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  1. I am trying to increase the amount of custom loot the create will spawn - seems to pics them at random thats fine i would just like to make it pick more. also works amazingly!
  2. hi there i am trying to make a custom map area and i have Sandbox and i am editing in 3d and producing a .SQM file. i am looking to convert it to .SQF so i can then launch in via my init file and see it on the map. Any help or tips? if i get this to work i will add a tutorial for beginners on the entire process. Would really like some help on this many. Thanks Ron - hope this is posted in the correct place it is my first thread.
  3. All i can say is a massive thanks to MrGrimm who is currently setting up my community's new Arma3 EPOCH server - hosted by him - set up by him and the costs to us of.... nothing! Totally blown away by this guys generous offering of a server but to then set it all up and do that all off his own back when i only met him today is just awesome. For those who seen this post and thought - this cant be real - it sure was, only goes to show there are peopel out there willing to help when there is nothing in it for them.
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