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  1. Edin

    Vehicle keys

    Nobody said it is funny, but this is the life from an admin. The Epoch Community dont live from the admins, but from the rest. Greets
  2. Edin

    Vehicle keys

    I would really love to see the old known vehicle key system as in arma 2. For now the 4 days lock doesn't make really much sense for me ( currently it's not working for 4 days, only untill restart ), because there could and will be some people who think this is funny to travel around the map and lock the vehicles just for fun. And currently how it is with the locking untill restart, yes it is like you let your base doors open, and everybody can come and take out from the base what they want. You have no chance to secure your vehicle, except you build a garage, but for choppers you dont have a chance except you are very creativ, but this is not the sense of this. The key will give the vehicle a real value, as it is in arma 2, the people are always stressed not to lose the key, and the bandits always excited after the kill if there could be one on the corpse. I'am sure I'am not alone with this opinion, so if you could bring back the keys, it would be fantastic. Greets ED
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