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  1. So my website is hosted through a Linux server, do I just install the Redis packages, then this script will work. Sorry I do a small amount of backend PHP work but I'm no professional. :D
  2. So I'm just looking for a simple script that prints the amount of players on a server. If theres 40 in-game it will print 40 on the webpage. Pretty sure this could be done as Ive seen other servers have it. Also hopefully it would be possible to grab players from 4 servers, merge the number and print the result?
  3. I'm currently searching for a developer to join our project. You must have experience with Arma 2, not be lazy and be willing to contribute to our community (not money) with your time. We currently have a dedicated server that can host up to four servers stably. We have a website set up (That's my job) we have one other developer but he's currently busy with college. We're currently working on making the 'perfect server' it will be stable, have completely custom content and will be unique to our servers. Our current developer does not have the time to dedicate to the server meaning the process of creating this is taking longer than usual. If you are interested simply follow the form below and I'll get in touch with you. Our project is called VectionGaming, you may google us to find the website, I won't be linking it. You will enjoy your time working with us, I myself am very dedicated and have high hopes for the server. I'm currently learning to code Arma 2 but I'm not up to par with the likes of you guys. We also have a custom launcher on the way which will be released extremely soon. Thanks for reading. <b>How many hours on Arma:</b> Answer here <b>How long have you been scripting Arma:</b> Answer here <b>How many hours can you dedicate to the server daily:</b> Answer Here <b>What do you expect in return?:</b> Answer here <b>Past Projects, who have you scripted for?:</b> Answer Here <b>Do you have a microphone:</b> Answer here <b>Anything else?</b> Answer here -Jacen
  4. I looked up SYS a little, are they unmanaged servers? I don't know much about Dedicated servers my partner will be handling it, but just for questions sake it's best for me to get as much information as possible. Also. With 50 players, what is the likely server load? We're looking to spend around £70 a month, obviously without setup fee costs. So here's a few quick questions. 50 Players = How much Ram? 50 Players = How much MB/s? 50 Players = How many Cores used? & Lastly SSD or SATA? Not sure if SSD will improve Arma's performance. Anything you can tell me will be awesome, and I'm pretty sure this thread will help others too. Don't be afraid to let me know your personal opinion even if you doubt the factual evidence of it, I'd prefer to know from peoples experience more than statistics.
  5. Only Europe at the moment pal, but that website looks amazing, sadly as far as I could see they only do US servers though, correct me if I'm wrong!
  6. Hello guys, we're at the point in time when we have enough funds to upgrade to a dedicated server, I was just wondering if you guys could help me back with your experiences. What providers have you tried and how did they perform? What are the best specs (or needed specs). I'm currently thinking about going with OVH, they are extremely reliably, the monthly price is easily covered just the setup fee is a little hefty. :) Let me know guys, thanks!
  7. Not going to make this thread huge, I have a project I'm working on and I'm in diar need of a decent (You don't have to be amazing, if this is a learning experience to you that's fine) But you must need to be able to do simple things, example: Merge plugins together without errors, understand the functions of Arma 2 and have basic knowledge of classes. Myself I'm a Graphic and Website Developer, some of these quality's can be put to use in the Arma scene, but I've found the code a bit of an overhaul, I'm taking way to long to learn it, and I have players waiting to get on a stable server. I have 80% of basic features finished and the servers amazing, it just needs some extra things before I can officially release. We also have a launcher in development, it's currently working and just needs some extra features to be stable and useable for the public, I will be allowing people to input their own IP's and have ours as static in the list. I may release the code for people to use themselves and use for their own server but that's for another thread. We can discuss what you will get or achieve from joining my team over teamspeak or PM, I have great ambitions, and just from having people on to test our current features we've got into the 400's on Gametracker which is pretty cool. http://DesiredCombat.com- Our Website http://DesiredCombat.com/landing- Our release page when finished ts.desiredcombat.com - Teamspeak You can contact me anywhere, PM on this forum, my teamspeak or my website.
  8. This forum was closed down. But this does this mean that the server advertisement should be posted here? No.
  9. Description: This trader is completely pre-configured and well working. It goes along with Zupa's currency system which allows traders to trade for money, you may also use this on servers without currency by changing a simple line of code. The safe zone coordinates have been given, and everything's perfect. Have fun with the system and let me know what you think. The trader uses all traders except blackmarket and helicopter traders, there is no banker as I used the storage script with Zupa's system. There is a helicopter landing pad, a wide car-park. It also includes map markers, e.g the black markers on the map when searching for a trader. I hope you enjoy my work and I'll be releasing more soon! Image of the full trader: http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/37489965390073538/F3019F5D803021C13D9DD426C2B5E7C8DD94A60D/ Not Sure! I wasn't sure if this was supposed to be placed in the Epoch Bases section, as it's also a tutorial for installing traders, it isn't just the base. So if this has been released in the wrong place, please make sure you let me know and I'll see if I can get it moved. Also, it would be really nice if you guys could drop a comment on the homepage of my website!
  10. Hey Zupa, everything was working & perfect (except I didn't test if the money stored after restart) Just found out today that they don't store after restart, do you have any ways of fixing this?
  11. Just installed this, hopefully it'll work.
  12. Really like this script, I'm installing it now will update this post if I have any problems.
  13. Would you like me to teach you how to use a forum? Being a MyBB forum developer I think I know how asshole. If the staff had a problem, or we're active they'd "Know how to use a forum" and move my thread to the appropriate section.
  14. Thanks, it's simply to know if you know it but if you didn't like me then it's useful.
  15. Can't get this to work, I'm definitely using the correct details.
  16. Could you join my TS? ts.desiredcombat.com
  17. I'd love to know how this was setup, sorry for the late reply. I'll be purchasing a Dedi soon, meaning the answer is yes. Currently I have a test server on Vilayer simply for a testing purpose.
  18. I'm looking for a dedicated scripter for my new project, I'm a website and graphic designer, I have all the fields necessary for development of a server except knowledge of Arma 2's backbones, I'm looking for somebody dedicated. You will need a good knowledge of scripting, the more the better. I may be able to personally pay you for your help, but that's only if it's wanted. If your looking for a partnership if you have the correct knowledge that will be possible. The link to my website is below, you can use it for reference on my skill in website design, if you think it's applicable for your services then don't be afraid to get in contact. http://DesiredCombat.com If you aren't interested in dedicating time, but would like to be involved you may contact me through teamspeak or via my PM box on this forum. ts.DesiredCombat.com
  19. I can't seem to get this working, if theres any chance you can help me out that would be awesome.
  20. I'm currently looking for a way to setup a website killboard. If you guys are interested in helping me out I'll do the website/graphic side if you can do the server sided things, I presume it's just importing things from the database and progressing them on the page. If you have any experience let me know I'd gladly let you take my design and publicly give it away for free, or if your looking to just use it yourself.
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