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  1. for real just one slot? figured if several want, I can make several locked rooms?
  2. but if you need one with 32 slots or less I can do that
  3. Nah. I can only do one for 32 slots. What team speak will let me do for free
  4. Just 32 slots. Got a server chillin. Trying to use it for whatever I can.
  5. What are you looking for?
  6. Who needs me to set them up a teamspeak 3 channel for free?
  7. This is awesome. Got it on both of our server working fine!
  8. well, i did. and i still ca't seem to get it to load. it stop at steam port:blah port blah
  9. So we currently have 1 server with a provider. I have purchased a dedicated server and want to consolidate this server and another new server. I am obviously not very good at this considering I can't get it working. What I want to do is have the ability to setup up to 4 servers (if it will run it) on this one box, one for our current server and 2-3 more. Here is the proposition. I am willing to pay someone some cash or give them one spot on the server for their own server. So that's your choice. What I need is to have my server setup for a new server and the ability to create more easily. Or just setup 3-4 servers now and I will use them when I need them. So do I have any takers? I have 4 IP's to work with and 500 Gig of disk space.
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