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  1. Hello! I use VEMF a long time and had never an issue with it, but i have makes a new server and now i have a problem: I see in RPT Log : 11:27:33 IT07: [VEMFr] DynamicLocationInvasion -- INFO: invading Agios Petros... But when i drive there, there are NO Units?! Any solution to solve this? EDIT: OK, all is good, my fault!
  2. Hello @ All, i use this version ( https://github.com/Cavadus/A3EAI-Continued ) but i cant use the Cars from the AI. And i have no option in the config.cpp to enable it? Have i an old version or whats wrong, can anybody please help me? Here is my config.cpp
  3. H03LL3

    0.3.8 and CUP

    Thx vbawol for your response. Now i use the RedisDesktopManager and what i see is in the ahb-LOG this: 2016-04-09 21:26:43 XXXXXXX (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX): Changed RscDisplayConfigure >> onLoad >> ["onLoad",_this,"RscDisplayConfigure",'GUI'] call (uinamespace getvariable 'BIS_fnc_initDisplay') What does that mean ? regards from germany H03LL3 EDIT: So, i have lootet half of Altis but not even one of the CUP Weapons / Magazines dropped.... :( But in the Admin Menu i can let them spawn and they work..but nothing to loot ?!
  4. H03LL3

    0.3.8 and CUP

    Hello everyone! I have a little question about the new 0.3.8 version: Have i to change anything so that CUP weapons can be found in loot? Or they (if the MOD is installed on the server) are in the "standart" loot table? I have seen the file CfgLootTable_CUP.h , have i to do anything with it? And another question: I can´t loot trashpiles and so on, is there anything i have missed in my configuration? And the loot containers (wardrobe, bed and so on) are spawning very late. Thx for any tips! regards H03LL3 EDIT: OK, i have found out to loot Trash, its now with space bar and not with inventory button. But i have another question: All new players they spawn will be BANed (Epochmod Autoban)! Anyone has the same "feature" ? And know how to solve this?
  5. Hello Everyone! My question is, where is the Bank Account Krypto stored in? In a .txt file on the server? Or where? Regards H03LL3
  6. Hello! OK, i getting the same errors with the Lootspawner too and NO LOOT is spawning on ground in Buildings :( Where can i find a actual Buildings List for ALTIS, or can anyone share his running LSlootBuildings.sqf with me ?? That would be really cool!
  7. That is found in Editor Line 44, copy it also to Editor Line 43 ? EDIT: OK, so far so good, but now i get kicked with public variable restriction #0 LOG: 29.03.2015 16:36:58: H03LL3 (xx.xx.xxx.xx:2304) 9d1xxxxb626xxxx68015xxxx1152a41a - #0 "EPOCH_checkPlayer_PVS" = <NULL-object>
  8. Thx for ur fast answer! I will take a look! EDIT: I have searched all files for _item = select 0; but i have found 0 entries in 0 files, where can i find that or where i have to change that ?
  9. Hi there! I get script restriction #42, can anybody help? scripts.log says: 29.03.2015 15:29:37: H03LL3 (xx.xx.xxx.xx:2304) xx19xxcb6xx17xx680xxbdxx11xxa41a - #42 "Marker = createMarker ["MainMarker", Ccoords]; _MainMarker setMarkerColor "ColorWhite"; _MainMarker setMarkerShape "ELLIPSE"; _M" and my scripts.txt at the lines; EDITOR LINE 41: 7 createDialog !="createDialog \"InteractBank\";" !="createdialog \"SelectGender\";" !="_handled = createdialog _dialog;" !="if (!dialog) then {createDialog 'Skaronator_AdminMenu'};" !="if !(createdialog \"InteractItem\") exitWith {};" !="createDialog \"TapOut\";" !="if !(createdialog \"Trade\") exitWith {};" !="_ok = createdialog \"Interact\";" !="_ok = createdialog \"TradeNPCMenu\";" !="createDialog \"Epoch_myGroup\";" !="createDialog (if ((Epoch_my_GroupUID == \"\") && (Epoch_my_Group isEqualTo [])) then {\"EPOCH_createGrp\"} else {\"Epoch_myGroup\"});" !="createDialog \"GroupRequests\";" !="_ok = createdialog \"MissionSelect\";" EDITOR LINE 42: 7 deleteMarker !=deleteMarker "MainMarker";" !="deleteMarker "MainMarker2";" !="deleteMarker "MainMarker75";" !="deleteMarker "MainMarker752";" EDITOR LINE 43: 7 setMarker EDITOR LINE 44: 7 createMarker !="createMarker["MainMarker752", M2Coords];" !="createMarker ["MainMarker", Ccoords];" !="createMarker ["MainMarker2", C2coords];" !="createMarker["MainMarker75", MCoords];"
  10. Hello! Mission is starting, message coming up. I think i have killed all AIs, Crate is there but no loot in it. I have this error coming up: 13:53:35 [VEMF]: WaitMissComp: Waiting Over. VEMFDynInv Completed. 13:53:36 Error in expression <se (isClass (configFile >> "CfgWeapons" >> _var)): { _kindOf = [(configFile >> "> 13:53:36 Error position: <>> _var)): { _kindOf = [(configFile >> "> 13:53:36 Error >>: Type Array, expected String 13:53:36 File VEMF\VFunctions.sqf, line 430 I´m running on my server, is it not compatible ? And nice work btw!
  11. Like RRP47 says, the missions despawn really to fast. And btw, keep up the good work! EDIT: These settings has no effect: _missions = [ ["bCamp", "Bandit Camp", 60, 6], ["supplyVanCrash", "Supply Van", 30, 10], ["bPlaneCrash", "Plane Crashsite", 45, 8], ["bHeliCrash", "Heli Crashsite", 45, 8], ["bDevice", "Strange Device", 30, 10] //NO COMMA AT THE LAST LINE! /* 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. "file name" MUST be equal to the sqf file name! 2. "marker name" Name of the marker that is shown to all players. 3. time out, (Number) Minutes until running missions time out (0 or -1 equals no mission timeout). 4. probability (Number) High probability = This mission will spawn more often: 0=off 1=low 10=high */
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