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  1. Your using Vilyar? You have to download your dayz_code pbo to your desktop, using something like PBO Manager to open it. Open "actions" and player_actions will be in there. Drag player actions to your desk top, edit it, drag it back into the PBO and upload it back to your FTP. Your server will have to be stopped to reupload the PBO
  2. I'm looking for a new admin to add to my server. At the moment it is only myself. I am the owner, developer and admin, but due to work schedule, I haven't been able to be on much. I'm looking for someone 18 or over. Knows how to use InfiStar. Admin means helping people, I want someone that is responsible and doesn't give things away or does free TP's. You will be a super admin, which means you'll be able to do anything in game, access to the ACP control panel to do manual restarts. The server map is Panthera Epoch, There isn't to many players on at the moment, the server has been up for about 20 days. It has had 119 people join since then. If interested please contact me at SoCalSlaughter on Steam or my email [email protected] Thanks!!
  3. Hey guys, trying to install VectorBuilding on my server. I've gone over the install a few times. Everything seems legit, only thing I cant find is the variables.sqf. To add the last bit of code. This is what I'm using https://github.com/strikerforce/DayzBuildVectors. I am hosting my server from Vilayer.com. I have all the other code in place and the server still runs fine, and SnapBuilding still works, but still no option to tilt parts. One other thing I want to make sure I have right is.. Last but not least, we need to save the objects direction to a variable. To do that, find: if (DZE_GodModeBase) then { And place the following above it: _object setVariable["memDir",_dir,true]; This is how mine looks.. if ((typeOf _object) in dayz_allowedObjects) then { _object setVariable["memDir",_dir,true]; if (DZE_GodModeBase) then { _object addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {false}]; } else { _object addMPEventHandler ["MPKilled",{_this call object_handleServerKilled;}]; }; // Test disabling simulation server side on buildables only. _object enableSimulation false; // used for inplace upgrades && lock/unlock of safe _object setVariable ["OEMPos", _pos, true]; }; Is this correct? Thanks!!!!
  4. Found out why it wasn't working. haha Found this line - ai_wep_random = [ai_wep_assault,ai_wep_assault,ai_wep_assault,ai_wep_sniper,,ai_wep_machine,]; // random weapon 60% chance assault rifle,20% light machine gun,20% sniper rifle I added the 2 lines under in it - ai_wep_launchers_AT = ["RPG7V","PG7VR"]; ai_wep_launchers_AA = ["Stinger","Stinger"]; I added both those names into the ai_wep_random, like so - ai_wep_random = [ai_wep_assault,ai_wep_sniper,ai_wep_machine,ai_wep_launchers_AT,ai_wep_launchers_AA]; And it works. Ai have rockets, they despawn off the ai when you kill them. Awesome. Hope this helps anyone else!!
  5. Hmm I might try that. Thanks for the Info. I have armed vehicles at the traders and want the ai to fight back. haha I'll try that. Thanks!!
  6. Hey guys, I have WickedAI and DZMS installed on my server. Went into the config for WickedAI and set ai with launcher true, restarted the server and the ai dont have any RPG's or launchers. The minefeilds work, I have also added in more weapons for them to use (M107's and such) and those show up. This is my current script setup wai_use_launchers = true; // add a rocket launcher to each spawned AI group wai_remove_launcher = true; // remove rocket launcher from AI on death ai_wep_launchers_AT = ["M136","RPG18","JAVELIN"]; ai_wep_launchers_AA = ["Strela","Igla","STINGER"]; Thanks for the help!
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