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  1. Your a day late hotfix was applied from bi last night =)
  2. Anyone else having issues with this update serverside? its causing mine to crash.
  3. Missing ; end of line 3 lol. hint parseText format["%1", (_this select 1) select 0]; <- whot wrong Check this post out Or go back in this thread and read rems_be's reply
  4. Because your doing something wrong. Start over if it still dont work start over again until you figure out what you did wrong =) All the answers is in this thread and multiple others on bohemia's own forum. Oh and check your rpt log if its kicking you for any specific reason like missing @epoch mod or whatever.
  5. longshot but had this issue once ages ago try to set this maybe thats not what fixed it but i've never had an issue since. set deloriglogs=0
  6. _krypto = createVehicle["Land_MPS_EPOCH", getpos player,[],1.5,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; _krypto setVariable ["Crypto", 1000, true]; Dont know if the owner is needed but just try both.
  7. np, and the expire time should also be in there but i would recommend reducing it a bit depening on your player numbers ofcourse.
  8. Do you mind sharing the code ? i will post a working version if i can get addaction to work. even if i dont see the point of all players being able to spawn vehicles on your server like this =)
  9. Why does people even make bases indestructible?!?! it dont even make any sense but i know there is a game out there called world of warcraft if you have problems with the difficulty of this mod. the expire time for buildings will cause server lag and building limit reached so in about 1 week nobody can even play on your server cuz nothing can get removed? Day and night u can just change the static time in your @epochhive configs.
  10. just delete it. asked this like 3 months ago.
  11. Liam

    Epoch Server FPS

    No im not. [email protected];@Epoch;@EpochHive -config=test.cfg -profiles=SC -cfg=basic.cfg -enableHT -autoInit -name=SC
  12. Liam

    Epoch Server FPS

    The Arma instance is using 45-50% with 80 players on.
  13. Liam

    Epoch Server FPS

    Yeah running with HT but then again no matter which settings we tweak it really does not feel like its got any difference at all. took off tbmalloc and nologs and around 80 players joined back on and the difference is not even noticeable. Hardly got anything extra running which should impact performance this severely, i just have a hard time matching the numbers with devs statement about servers running fine with 100 players if you have default settings. is anyone here running 90+ players with 15 fps minimum?
  14. Dont think sarge does anything? is'nt that a pretty old variable. call EPOCH_server_save_vehicle call EPOCH_server_setVToken; Needs to be run serverside.
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