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  1. admin respect. what am I supposed to respect about someone that 1. uses god mode to kill legit players 2. won't return my equipment after doing so. 3. makes me give back his stuff because he doesn't know how to use his admin tools. 4. attempts to kill me a second time with god mode enabled after I shot you at least 60 times. I cannot respect someone that is basically admin hacking his own server then stealing legit players equipment and refusing to play at all legitimately himself. Who is your head admin? You told me to put down my gear you had god mode still enabled when I got into conflict with you again then you banned me for leaving because you were going to shoot me again.
  2. yeah if you are playing legit thats fine but don't use your admin tools and expect us not to kill you if you just show up on us like that. now you ban me after I logged back in and your wearing all my gear and you refuse to tp me back to my gear. I can see that with admins like you on the server that it's going to go real far kid.
  3. EpochMod.com(0.2.5|1.34) BIAGAMING|Epoch ADMIN ABUSING: Gambler TYPE OF ABUSE: Admin tp'd to us in his cart we shot him. After shooting him he tp'd back and told us to give all his stuff back. When we said no he put on god mode and shot both my friend and I.
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