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  1. remake of fusion menu get outta here
  2. no more bec now.... http://ibattle.org/ its down...
  3. _object = "Box_mas_ru_rifle_Wps_F" createVehicle (position player); change the red text to a arma 3 box instead of the @mas one i used
  4. not sure what you are doing wrong but mine works and if you dont have @mas the box wont show since its a @mas crate
  5. the box you place is not change the Box_mas_ru_rifle_Wps_F to the proper container for you mission
  6. hope this helps make 1 file called basekit.sqf and put this in it and then place it in your mission pbo. make a second file called custommenu.sqf and place this in it then add it to the mission pbo aswell then add this loop to your init.sqf in the mission pbo.
  7. i have mine set to 800m and no complaints grand update just notice the cpu usage increase tho since the ai now move around.
  8. Riddlez

    Remove Vehicle

    Simple solution to only allow certain people this feature.
  9. this is in the lootpawner.sqf and its pretty simple to figure out how to adjust loot rates hope this helps.
  10. Way to be negative my players are happy... and to each there own, its a template.
  11. Here is a updated copy of the Loot list i use which includes mas. Its been cleaned up and reworked for MAS 1.6 and has some extra goodies this will not work on all servers so use wisely.
  12. just need to know how to take multiple items at once and im set
  13. how do you take multiple of a item and more than one type of item
  14. if ("ItemCorrugatedLg" in magazines player) then{ player removeMagazine "ItemCorrugatedLg"; player playActionNow "Medic"; sleep 3; _spawn = "ebike_epoch"; _posplr = [((getPos player) select 0) + 2, ((getPos player) select 1) + 2, 0]; _saveVehicle call EPOCH_server_save_vehicle; _dirplr = getDir player; _spwnveh = _spawn createVehicle (_posplr); _spwnveh setVariable ["Sarge",1,true]; _vehObj call EPOCH_server_save_vehicle; _vehObj call EPOCH_server_setVToken; sleep 3; cutText [format["You've used your Large Scrap Metal to build a eBike."], "PLAIN DOWN"]; } else { cutText [format["You do not have the Large Salvage Metal required to do this."], "PLAIN DOWN"]; }; How can i make this take more than one item and multiples of a item eg. 10 small metal and 5 electronic components
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