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  1. Mostly because of this, gentleman agreements in Arma is a rarity. And it takes way too long to build a base compared to the 30 seconds it takes to destroy it.
  2. I'm with the other guy. Can't be arsed spending every day rebuilding the base that was destroyed overnight while all of your group members were offline.
  3. I might have fucked up some port forwarding, getting a new router in a few days. Gonna see if that helps :) Source: http://ibattle.org/install-and-configure/install/
  4. Now I am stuck at the BEC thing. I'm pretty sure I've done the config file correctly, but as soon as it starts to connect it just says: 21:46:17 : Connecting to BattlEye server 21:46:17 : Lost Connection! 21:46:17 : Closing socket & exiting! Any clues what could be wrong? Did I mess up my port forwarding or something? EDIT: I have made a reporter account and put in the right username/password. EDIT2: Any guide for scheduler.xml ? :)
  5. One you have your server up and running you can find your GUID in the dedicated server window/log. It would say "exmoonshiner has joined (GUID: 14361346161461123)" or similar. There is perhaps a better way too, but at least I tried to help :P
  6. Cheers, do I unzip the @Epoch folder into my Arma 3 (server) directory then? So it would be like C:/Arma 3 Server/@Epoch? Because on my gaming computer I opened the @Epoch folder and copied its contents into the Arma 3 folder (so that the addons folders would merge). But now I can only play Epoch xP This is relevant as to where I can find the config folder described in steps 15 and 16. Because I can't find it at the moment.
  7. I am stuck here, how do I do that? arma3launcher.exe? I can't seem to find Epoch in the Steam Workshop, and that is where the arma3launcher.exe takes me. Please help :)
  8. Appreciate that, I'll work more on that tomorrow (just started the downloads). Dusted off my old computer and gonna test it there, I've read the spec requirements and it should be able to host decently. If not I'll get some new parts xD Gonna follow this guide time. Cheers for all help.
  9. I'll try that I think. Just gonna install it on another computer dedicated to hosting ArmA 3 and start fresh. Is it better to not use TADST btw? And where would I set up automatic restarts?
  10. I also had a friend trying to join the game, and it worked - but he got a different message. "Starting Epoch, please wait"
  11. Yeah, I have redis running and the server console is doing fine I think, I get this output from there 1:36:01 Roles assigned. 1:36:01 Reading mission ... 1:36:02 Mission read. I left it on for a while and this happened: 15:13:36 Mission Epoch Mod read from bank. 15:15:06 Roles assigned. 15:15:06 Reading mission ... 15:15:06 Mission read. 15:15:28 Game started. 15:19:39 Game finished. 15:19:39 Waiting for next game. 15:19:39 Mission Epoch Mod read from bank. 15:21:09 Roles assigned. 15:21:09 Reading mission ... 15:21:10 Mission read. 15:21:31 Game started. 15:25:42 Game finished. 15:25:42 Waiting for next game. 15:25:43 Mission Epoch Mod read from bank. 15:27:13 Roles assigned. 15:27:13 Reading mission ... 15:27:13 Mission read. 15:27:35 Game started. 15:31:46 Game finished. 15:31:46 Waiting for next game.
  12. I set up a server for ArmA 3 Epoch to try to learn how to run one, but I can't seem to be able to play on it. I am running the server on the same computer as I am playing from at the moment and I can get the server up and running and log in to the lobby in-game. When I hit ok it loads for a while unti it goes to "Server Initializing, Please Wait". And it just stays there forever. This is what my dedicated server looks like. I am running the game through TADST while I also have redis-server on and done everything else in the install.txt file. 1:36:01 Roles assigned. 1:36:01 Reading mission ... 1:36:02 Mission read. Any clues as to why it won't load up completely? Also, do I need Steam to launch a server? By that I mean, could I just copy the files over to my backup computer and run the server there while playing from my main computer, or would I need two different Steam accounts, both with ArmA 3 bought and installed?
  13. Yeah, mostly it's because you don't want to log in to see weeks of work ruined while you're offline and can't defend yourself. I'm all for making everything harder to find tbh. Less loot, less 12.7 weapons definitely, and lock boxes are near impossible to find already so no changes needed. But I would definitely want cinder walls to be indestructible. But corrugated walls could be destroyable. Cinder could be even harder to find too in my opinion. I enjoy the game the most when I feel there's a lot at stake, and even with an indestructible (cinder) base I still get those thrills from "adventures", when you leave your base until the second you are within the doors of the cinder part of your base. Then off to new adventures. I still want loot to be even more rare to avoid gigantic bases in just a few days, especially the cinder part. And most importantly, it would be a must that you'd have to maintain it like in ArmA 2 DayZ Epoch. You don't want cinder walls around everywhere. PS: Food and drinks are a pain in the ass in this newest patch, agree?
  14. Then I shall come to your server. Bases are fucking way too easy to demolish right now. I can live with corrugated and wood demolishable, but cinder should be safe. And also you should have to maintain it weekly or smt.
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