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  1. Sorry for a massive gravedig but i've been gone for a while, so removing this #include "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\REsec.sqf" Should fix my problems?
  2. hi, i purchased and installed this antihack through Vilayer's Addon manager and some people can join my server fine and then others get stuck on 'waiting for character to create' and then gets stuck on a black screen and then sometimes they just get a black screen and other people get ingame no problem. anyone have a solution to this problem as its rendering my server unplayable for some people.
  3. That base is looking good, this is on the hill between Cherno and Elektro yes? very nice spot but i would never though of building there haha.
  4. Does anyone have the classname for the Sledge hammer handle and head please? would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  5. Once again Axle just HAASS to top everyone :lol:
  6. Hi i have updated my server to 1.0.2 and when i log on i have all trader citys on my server but bash i have downloaded the sqf from the server files and put it on my server 3 times now with no luck still no trader city bash the marker is there on the map but no traders or buildings could someone link me to a sqf file for 1.0.2 with the trader city bash working please. Thanks.
  7. I Added the new sqf file and it has no trader city bash for some reason.
  8. thanks for the help, i've solved this problem i was just surprised bash got removed.
  9. I updated my server to 1.0.2 and i only have stary and a little camp like place at klen no hero no aircraft or bash can anyone help? Thanks.
  10. The unlock spot is under the C-130 in the middle.
  11. We just got a new host as we switched for Survival Servers [worst host ever] and we moved our old database over and now any vehicles bought from trader wont appear at all even with a restart and placed items will dissapear on server restart anyone had this problem??. Thanks.
  12. Don't get me wrong it would be great but i really do doubt it would happen.
  13. Hold on wont that mean that anyone that plays on your server will have to download that addon pack?
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