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  1. class Vehicles { items=1; class Item0 { position[]={6277.0088, 0.18027619, 7817.2988}; azimut=-245.55611; special="NONE"; id=100; side="EMPTY"; vehicle="ZavoraAnim"; skill=0.60000002; text="barGate1"; init="this allowDammage false; this enableSimulation true; this animate [""bargate"",1]; this SetVectorUp [0,0,1];"; }; };put that class into your mission.sqm - above class Markers and this is the trigger i use.. and it works. class Item2 { position[]={6344.8081,304.99023,7806.7598}; activationBy="WEST"; repeating=1; interruptable=1; age="UNKNOWN"; name="zonestary"; expCond="(player distance zonestary) < 100;"; expActiv="barGate1 animate [""bargate"",0];"; expDesactiv="barGate1 animate [""bargate"",1];"; class Effects { }; };cheers
  2. had this things running on on Namalsk 0.74 ... "APSI" is the correct classname for item. cheers
  3. 1. if the spawnselection-dialog doesnt appears, you missed to call the patched player_monitor.sqf/fsm files 2. if you spawn after selection on an "default" randomspawn, then you missed to update your serverfiles (server_playerSetup.sqf) 3. to avoid empty worldcoords make sure you have bugfixed your compiles.sqf (endLoadingScreen; >>>> endMission "END1";) and dont miss to add _spawnSelection = 9; to your varibales.sqf
  4. take a look into "evr\addons\blowout\external\fn_isInsideBuilding.sqf" <<< line 5: _building = nearestObject [_unit1, "HouseBase"]; <<< HouseBase is the masterclass, change with the classname of your building ... cheers
  5. update your crash_spawner.sqf in server\modules\... with that one... cheers
  6. 1. if the spawnselection-dialog doesnt appears, you missed to call the patched player_monitor.sqf/fsm files 2. if you spawn after selection on an "default" randomspawn, then you missed to update your serverfiles (server_playerSetup.sqf) 3. to avoid empty worldcoords make sure you have bugfixed your compiles.sqf (endLoadingScreen; >>>> endMission "END1";) and dont miss to add _spawnSelection = 9; to your varibales.sqf cheers
  7. no wonder.. you have renamed most of the needed soundclassnames... here is your description.ext, it should work now... cheers
  8. class NS_zombie1: SoldierGB { nameSound = "veh_man"; faction = "MUT"; scope = 2; vehicleClass = "NST_mut"; weapons[] = {"Throw","Put","mut_heart","APSI"}; magazines[] = {}; respawnweapons[] = {"Throw","Put","mut_heart","APSI"}; respawnmagazines[] = {}; model = "\nst\NS_mutants\zomb\NS_zombie1.p3d"; mut_heart is an weapon, so you are right using addWeapon.. if you are using infiStar other AdminTools try to spawn mut_heart, if this fails youre missing to include an namalsk-module(watch error-message)... class mut_heart: ItemCore { scope = 2; displayName = "$STR_MUT_HEART"; picture = "\nst\ns2\inv\heart_icon_ca.paa"; descriptionShort = "$STR_MUT_HEART_DESC"; }; located in ns2.pbo cheers
  9. #include "blowout\config\sound.hpp" -- remove it!! and it should work ;)
  10. lets extend the Merlin with some useractions... what you need ... (server.pbo - server_monitor.sqf/server_publishVehicle2.sqf/server_publishVehicle3.sqf) //BAF_Merlin_DZE add door actions if (_object isKindOf "BAF_Merlin_HC3_D") then { _object setVariable ["Merlin_Doors", 0, true]; _object setVariable ["Merlin_Ramp", 0, true]; }; (client - varibales.sqf) s_player_merlin_doors = -1; s_player_merlin_ramp = -1; dayz_MerlinVehicle = objNull; (client - fn_selfActions.sqf) // option to add Merlin Doors/Ramp-action if ( _inVehicle && (_vehicle isKindOf "BAF_Merlin_HC3_D") ) then { dayz_MerlinVehicle = _vehicle; if (s_player_merlin_doors < 0) then { s_player_merlin_doors = dayz_MerlinVehicle addAction ["open/close doors", "custom\Merlin_Doors.sqf",dayz_MerlinVehicle,-10,false,true,"","player == driver _target"]; }; if (s_player_merlin_ramp < 0) then { s_player_merlin_ramp = dayz_MerlinVehicle addAction ["open/close ramp", "custom\Merlin_Ramp.sqf",dayz_MerlinVehicle,-10,false,true,"","player == driver _target"]; }; } else { dayz_MerlinVehicle removeAction s_player_merlin_doors; s_player_merlin_doors = -1; dayz_MerlinVehicle removeAction s_player_merlin_ramp; s_player_merlin_ramp = -1; }; (client - files - Merlin_Doors.sqf) if (isNil "merlinDoors") then { merlinDoors = 0; }; if (merlinDoors == 0) then { merlinDoors = 1; } else { merlinDoors = 0; }; private["_vcl"]; _vcl = _this select 0; //vehicle player; _vcl animate ["DVERE_L", merlinDoors]; _vcl animate ["DVERE_L_POP", merlinDoors]; _vcl animate ["DVERE_P", merlinDoors]; _vcl animate ["DVERE_P_POP", merlinDoors]; _vcl setVariable ["Merlin_Doors", merlinDoors,true]; (client - files - Merlin_Ramp.sqf) if (isNil "merlinRamp") then { merlinRamp = 0; }; if (merlinRamp == 0) then { merlinRamp = 1; } else { merlinRamp = 0; }; private["_vcl"]; _vcl = _this select 0; _vcl animate ["rampa", merlinRamp]; _vcl setVariable ["Merlin_Ramp", merlinRamp,true]; if you followed the tutorial of previous post, you should be able to handle this code-snippets ;)
  11. unpack your mission.pbo inside create a folder named "custom" (or how ever you want call it) create a file named "An2_ammo.sqf" and put that code into it ...and save it. open your customized "fn_selfaction.sqf" and search for that code-block... after it place that code-block... now open your customized "variables.sqf" and search for that lines... after it insert this line ... s_player_an2_reload = -1; so it looks like ... s_player_heli_lift = -1; s_player_heli_detach = -1; s_player_lockUnlock_crtl = -1; s_player_an2_reload = -1; now search for ... DZE_myHaloVehicle = objNull; dayz_myLiftVehicle = objNull; add after ... dayz_An2Vehicle = objNull; so it looks like ... DZE_myHaloVehicle = objNull; dayz_myLiftVehicle = objNull; dayz_An2Vehicle = objNull; ... save file. thats all in your missionfile.. so repack it. now unpack your server.pbo file or open it with pbomanager... next open "system\server_monitor.sqf" and search for that line ... _object setFuel _fuel; after it insert .. if (_object isKindOf "AN2_DZ") then { _object addWeapon "M240_veh"; _object addMagazine "100Rnd_762x51_M240"; _object addMagazine "100Rnd_762x51_M240"; _object addMagazine "100Rnd_762x51_M240"; _object addMagazine "100Rnd_762x51_M240"; }; ...thats all in server_monitor.sqf.. save it! next step... open "compile\server_publishVehicle2.sqf" and search for that lines... clearWeaponCargoGlobal _object; clearMagazineCargoGlobal _object; after insert .... if (_object isKindOf "AN2_DZ") then { _object addWeapon "M240_veh"; _object addMagazine "100Rnd_762x51_M240"; _object addMagazine "100Rnd_762x51_M240"; _object addMagazine "100Rnd_762x51_M240"; _object addMagazine "100Rnd_762x51_M240"; }; ready, save! last step open "compiles\server_publishVehicle3.sqf" and search for that lines ... _object setVariable ["ObjectID", _oid, true]; _object setVariable ["lastUpdate",time]; _object setVariable ["CharacterID", _characterID, true]; and insert BEFORE that code-block.. if (_object isKindOf "AN2_DZ") then { _object addWeapon "M240_veh"; _object addMagazine "100Rnd_762x51_M240"; _object addMagazine "100Rnd_762x51_M240"; _object addMagazine "100Rnd_762x51_M240"; _object addMagazine "100Rnd_762x51_M240"; }; save! finally repack your server.pbo.. note: an russian plane with nato-weapons?? tztztztz...
  12. i think you missed to read the last Arma 3 Game Update (1.36) notes >>> Vortex Ring State , etc ... cheers
  13. you need to add/change some lines in blowout_client.sqf .. search for... diag_log format["[NAC BLOWOUT CLIENT] :: ns_blow_prep = %1 Blowout is preparing, take a cover!", ns_blow_prep]; right before add... if (ns_blowout_dayz) then { player setVariable["startcombattimer", 1, true]; }; this should it.. cheers
  14. after aircraft-explosion an object called "CraterLong" will be created... it should be possible to remove it. il take an eye on it - this weekend. cheers
  15. replace content of epeen_setText_journal.sqf file with this... cheers
  16. replace content of fn_bases.sqf with this... this is for DZE 105x - its untest, tell me if its working. cheers
  17. rename class rscPictureGUI. now change/replace all rscPictureGUI in playerStatusGUIcustom.hpp to your new classname.
  18. no, this effect is global. u cant limit it to an area.
  19. this comes from the zerobuidling - Mil_Barracks_i ..which is bugged.. multi or super shader used but not correct defined or missing... looks like this http://s14.directupload.net/images/140709/9vckmwx7.jpg
  20. take a look into your mission init.sqf... spawnArea = 1500; // Default = 1500 now open and edit server_playerSetup.sqf in your server.pbo and search for .. _position = ([(getMarkerPos _mkr),0,spawnArea,10,0,2000,spawnShoremode] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos); replace the 2000 with spawnArea this should be all..now you can configurate it via init.sqf spawnArea variable cheers
  21. oh cmon.. dont missunderstand me.. i only reported that the new buildings causes massive clipping bugs and devs should take an eye on it... think about removing some of them or inform their "building-"provider the bugs.. i really like arma and dze-mod.. weathersystem, 24h-daysystem, sundawn - you should know what i mean - just a really nice simulation. and i have alot respect for dze-devs - and the work they have done. fast updates, nice community, fresh ideas... a kind of quality, which other mods never will reach... and yes i m a bit pissed of that step (or two) backwards in quality. just dont look the pictures.. go to tc-stary-sobor - infihack your weathersystem remove clouds, make a sunny day - and take a look on it. or go to NWAF in night with nvg and visit that new buildings - most of the original buildings next to new buildings are effected from the bugged-buildings.. its not funny to see buildings without textures(inside &outside)... clippingbugs or shades filling the whole screen from buildings that more then 20m away... i know arma has many many bugs, but i think its not okay to add more bugs, destroying things which run fine before, only to give players something new - to hold them.. thats pure quantity-over-quality-thinking. dayz-community isnt grown in the past month, the different mods are fighting for every single player. but that cant be the way - isnt it the goal to keep the quality?
  22. yes yes, quantity over quality...
  23. DZE devs are responsible for including them - think about removing them or make them optional via cfg-file. dont become a 0815-mod like others!
  24. Land_HouseV_3I3 - shadebug http://s7.directupload.net/images/140713/6l85mahq.jpg http://s1.directupload.net/images/140713/rtq2pv4m.jpg Land_HouseV_1L2 - shadebug (growing shades?) http://s7.directupload.net/images/140713/f4v35hnn.jpg http://s1.directupload.net/images/140713/3khjeyc9.jpg
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