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  1. i saw a map package for A3 incl. "chernarus" and many others... take a look at this http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26682 and yes, they are lookin good in A3
  2. The only good think is that most PVP "Superstars" are just CoD or Battlefield players who know nothing about ballictics and weather conditions in this game to take a perfect shot. I survived every battle in the epoch mod till today. Sometimes i was injured but never died and i walk the friendly way. BTW i play this type of game since the first operation flashpoint in 2001. :ph34r:
  3. Are the player near a locked vehicle? If yes then it's normal, to protect the gear in the locked vehicle. Give it a try and test it yourself.
  4. Yes Caribou is also a very good map, i like the look. And i like podagorsk. That Island is also very detailed.
  5. Brummelpuh


    Build it yourself, then its totally free! :)
  6. i remeber a german electro musik combo called "scooter", they had a song where they sing "Respect to the man in the ice cream van" :D it was in the middle or past 90's i think. back to topic. this looks very well, and if you get it to brink some bad animals alive it would be an awesome experience. Good job!
  7. Cheers... If they are included why i can not find the classname "Chainsaw" in it. Inside the cfgLoot.hpp file i can find this classname and spawnrate!? :huh: Sry for that stupid question! I am not able to read everything... Damn, english is so hard for me. Greetings from Germany :rolleyes:
  8. This map is great. I tried every single map for the epoch mod but always returned to chernarus, since yesterday everything changes! I love this map, this is my new favourite one! Thank you so much momo. :)
  9. I dont know where my mistake was, but now everything works fine for me! I removed all files and did a fresh mod install. And i promise when the next patch comes i read all "readme" files! :wacko: Thx vbawol... You and your team did a great job!
  10. Thx for that very fast reply, but i did all this and still got that problem. Hm, i will try something. If i got a solution for this i will post it here... I cant wait to play the new version, this mod is epic! You got my beans man, for that hard work. Thx to the devs...
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