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  1. I have a nice epoch/overwatch sever that I have payed some on to put up for me . Well It has been running for quiet some time and now. I have a need to wipe the server and I have a few questions on how to get it done properly. Now i know you need to drop the current server . And then you recreate the the schema and name it properly to the same name it was before. Now do you take the epoch.sql and created a new query in the schema you have made? Also I have a question about all the mods I have currently installed like the single coin currency system. Will that still work all the same? My biggest problem i have right now is all the vehicles and bases that are not being used . My server needs a cleaning!
  2. Well i wanted to run more on my Australia map. No to worried on the server fps to much because I have it running on a great server
  3. I want to have more missions running on my server . How can i get more than 4 running at the same time? And do I have a choice on what I have running?
  4. I am not sure, Thats why I am here asking.If its a database problem is there a way to fix it?? Or check if its broke.
  5. Also when this happens the players get a error 02 server not ready. All of them have the emod removed out of there @taviana file
  6. This is one of the errors that i am getting after the missions and epoch is loaded. It takes about 17 minutes for it to completley load up and ready for players NetServer::SendMsg: cannot find channel #967804508, users.card=3 22:17:13 NetServer: users.get failed when sending to 967804508 22:17:13 Message not sent - error 0, message ID = ffffffff, to 967804508 (ferdinand) 22:17:13 "<infiSTAR.de>ConnectLog| 0h 19min | Disconnected: ferdinand(76561197971065950) - time: 1099.79 - serverFPS: 28.3186 (v0206)" 22:17:13 Client: Remote object 8:1 not found
  7. So , No one has one of these servers running? Is there something missing that I need to post?
  8. I hear what your saying. I myself have 2 boxes and i host 4 different maps. I for one dont take other people work with out asking. I think this is mostly due to I am new at it and I dont want to step on anyone's toes. And I get stuck all the time and I do ask for help and I put in my server's credits who helped me out! And I also donate to people that do help me., I can't wright my own script , but i am leaning. And i will mess stuff up!
  9. Mine crashes every 5 minutes. Pretty bad when your a server owner and can stay in the game due to memory crashes
  10. I have this map installed and have the emod stuff out of the server and and client files. And I have RHS USA and Russian, CUP ,joint rails and mass vehicles. My restart time is about 45 minutes. No out of the order errors. It takes 3 times the time for it to wright 550kb of info in the rpt then my panthera server that is on the same box,.They have the same mods. Its like the sever is started and its running but it like waits for something then lets you in. I have rpts if needed. I am really at a loss with this. Lets see the masters work and see if we can get this fixed!
  11. I am having some what of same problem on my server. It seem's that the server loads in and everything is running but it doesn't let players in for about 30 minutes. It will keep kicking them back to the lobby saying server not ready error 02. I looked in the rpt and nothing out of the ordinary. If I can fix this problem it would be great. Also when I finally get in the server fps is 46 so its not a lag problem.If anyone has any ideas that would be great cuz this is a awesome map!
  12. I thought I would share. I have a panthera map that i put this loot spawner and I have all the bulidings for that map. Here is the list //custom buildings ["Land_Airport_left_F", 0], ["Land_Airport_center_F", 0], ["Land_Airport_right_F", 0], ["Land_i_Barracks_V1_F", 1], ["Land_i_Barracks_V2_F", 1], ["Land_Cargo_Tower_V1_F", 1], ["Land_Airport_Tower_F", 1], ["Land_Mil_Barracks_i_EP1", 1], ["Land_MilOffices_V1_F", 1], ["C130J_wreck_EP1", 1], ["Land_Offices_01_V1_F", 0], ["Land_Sara_domek_zluty", 1], ["Land_Deutshe_mini", 0], ["Land_Dum_rasovna", 1], ["Land_Sara_stodola", 1], ["Land_Sara_Domek_sedy", 0], ["Land_Dum_istan3_pumpa", 0], ["Land_House_C_4_EP1", 1], ["Land_Hruzdum", 0], ["Land_House_C_10_EP1", 0], ["Land_House_C_5_EP1", 0], ["Land_Dum_Istan3_hromade2", 0], ["Land_House_C_11_EP1", 0], ["Land_House_C_5_V1_EP1", 1], ["Land_House_K_7_EP1", 1], ["Land_House_C_1_v2_EP1", 0], ["Land_Clhlovej_Dum_mini", 0], ["Land_dum_lstan3_pumpa", 0], ["Land_Dum_mesto_In", 1], ["Land_Hruzdum", 1], ["Land_Hospital_main_F",1], ["Land_WIP_F",1], ["Land_I_House_Small_02_V3_F",0], ["Land_I_Shop_01_V1_F",0], ["Land_u_House_Big_01_V1_F",0], ["Land_Medevac_house_V1_F",1], ["Land_I_shop_01_V3_F",1], ["Land_A_Villa_EP1",0], ["Land_Hut01",0], ["Land_Hut04",0], ["Land_Hut02",0], ["Land_Army_hut_int",1], ["Land_Dum_mesto2",1], ["Land_Army_hut_storrage",1], ["Land_u_Barracks_V2_F",1], ["Land_I_Shop_02_V3_F",0], ["Land_I_House_Big_01_V3_F",0], ["Land_I_House_Big_02_V2_F",0], ["Land_I_House_Small_01_V2_F",0], ["Land_u_House_Big_02_V1_F",0], ["Land_House_Small_01_V1_F",0], ["Land_I_House_Big_02_V3_F",0], ["Land_I_House_Small_02_V1_F",0], ["Land_I_Shop_02_V1_F",0], ["Land_GH_House_1_F",0], ["Land_GH_House_2_F",0]
  13. I have the same problem , different map. If you have the cords for tavaina that would be awesome! Thanks
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