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  1. I'm glad it's not another free weekend. lol
  2. What up Conkie?? Just watched it, pretty cool.
  3. Where is the 0.2.1 changelog? Forgive me if it's already been posted :wub:
  4. Also, make sure to remove your existing @Epoch directory. ***SEED THE TORRENT*** No hit and runs
  5. This happened to my buddy last night on Mells house also.
  6. I find the best spots for backpacks are trash piles. Just go up to them, hit T and then hit your inventory button.
  7. I can't wait until it wipes, bring it on!
  8. Astromine


    I was really hoping the update would come tonight. There's so many changes about to happen and I can hardly wait. :wub:
  9. I didn't see anything in the about sledgehammers, so I'm guessing there's still no use for them at this point. :unsure:
  10. If you do that and the trader is killed your vehicle is gone, except for trader cities I guess.
  11. Have you tried joining one of the servers on the server list found here: http://epochmod.com/servers.php Let us know how you make out.
  12. After this post I tried hitting rocks, scrap cars, scrap metal piles, a frequency jammer and a few walls and nothing happens on any of these things. I'm guessing the sledgehammer's powers haven't been implemented yet. Hopefully soon.
  13. So, are you saying that once the server restarts the trader will lose the vehicle and it will respawn? Or, does the trader still have the vehicle for sale and the vehicle respawns also? I really hope the latter is not the case.
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