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    I love making YouTube videos and streaming gameplay on Twitch. I have a ton of experience in Battlefield 3 and 4, DayZ Standalone (never played the mod), and a little bit of experience with Arma 3. So far, I love the Arma 3 Epoch Mod, and I am looking forward to playing a ton more.
  1. I was playing the new 3.0.2 patch on the Pure Epoch server and I noticed that 1 magazine of ammo was deleted out of the weapons in my primary and secondary slots every time I would relog. Other people had the same issue, taking the mags out of the guns didn't solve it, it would still delete 1 mag from each weapon that was in a weapon slot. The weapons that were inside my backpack did not lose any mags. The admins said it was an epoch issue and they shut down the server to fix it... but I don't see any posts here about it so I'm wondering if it actually is an epoch issue or if it is server specific. If it is an epoch issue, what is the fix for it?
  2. Stocked traders doesn't seem necessary... seems like it will take a lot out of the game and cause servers to have world limit issues way sooner.
  3. Yeah, but the big ones please
  4. If have to do all the work of walking all the way from one trader to another... I mean... that is hard work... I want a Kajman... would that really be so much to ask for?
  5. I don't know why epoch has any "building disallowed" zones at all... it seems like something that should be a setting that admins can change based on their preferences.
  6. It would be cool if there were some features, like the current early access to the 3.0 patch, to draw more people to the official servers... and I agree about the early release of the files. But I also recall there were some outside parties putting pressure on the devs to release it as well. It would have been nice not to have the 1-2 thousand consistent epoch players distributed across a few thousand servers... but the past is what it is... I think the mod is doing well... now if only we could get larger numbers of people to play on the official servers.
  7. Agreed. Always wished the AAF ghillies would have been usable.
  8. Yeah those guys going on about stress damage enabled are wrong... this happens even when you lift a go-kart and even without stress damage enabled. I am looking forward to a fix for this... the heli that is supposed to be the best for lifting... actually ends up being the worst.
  9. I played on MGT already. Admins were crap. Ignored players breaking rules in exchange for donations... even made one of them an admin for a while until everyone complained.
  10. Are there any populated servers out there that have admins that don't do anything except ban glitchers and hackers? That is what I'm looking for. I'm sick of every single server I find being run by admins who cater to the crybaby kids every time they ask them to compensate them or help them with every little thing that goes wrong. I've had admins repair helicopters I've shot down WHILE I AM STILL IN A GUNFIGHT WITH THEM, teleport people to their bodies or vehicles after we've killed them, spawn in explosives and ammunition for people, and teleport stuck hatchbacks off the side of mountains instead of just letting the kid get another vehicle and push it. There seems to be a pretty big trend here, I'm really loving this mod... but the release of the server files to every shitty admin in the universe seems to have really watered things down... the crybabies group together in the servers where the admins will serve their every need, often in exchange for some monetary compensation... and the players who want to play the mod the way it was meant to be played are left to join or start tiny servers with minimal population. Several months ago, I made some comments on my stream about axle being a terrible admin and an idiot due to some inconsistencies that I saw.. maybe I'm regretting that now... because every server I've played on since, some of them for months, has had these completely crap admins. P.S. For the love of god... enough of the fucking high loot.
  11. Lynx > m107 Everything about the m107 seems rushed and crappy... but I guess its alpha...
  12. Holy shit... that looks pretty badass.
  13. He is speaking theoretically. This is a suggestion.
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