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    Here is my one guys! Spanish without subtitles, anyway you are welcome to view and subscribe! ;)
  2. I know is easy to spot... Thats were my idea, I didn´t know walls can be destroyed...
  3. Thanks dude, good to know... I lost a lot of time in this build :/
  4. So it's as simple as placing explosives on the walls? oO Explosives can be found easy... Don´t like it then...
  5. My base building was destroyed today, I mean 2 walls disappear... I had 5 cars inside my base and a lot of items (loot)... Frequency Jammer was maintained so this is not the problem.. I´ve lost everything and don´t know how.... No Server Restart problem neither, because we made this abse 4 days ago... PLZ HELP! Tell me what happened plz! Thanks...
  6. I dont like 24 hour clock system then lol, My time is UTC -3, then when I can play is always Night time...
  7. PLease! Nitrado server change this LONG NIGHT TIME! My eyes are being burned with the NVG all the time! Please change it! Maybe one restart DAY and one restart NIGHT, I dont know... Btw, can you add more slots? Its only 35, and always 35/35... Thank you! -GunsRocket-
  8. Maybe NO ENERGY? You need Energy to building, then press 1 and space.
  9. Group of 5-6 persons, +26 years old. We trying to biuld a base when this problem start........ Cheers
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