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  1. The Ai used Launchers on my test. Actually only one had it, and it was a Javelin, and busted my tail. Thinking about adding the chance of more than one to have them. Also the Patrol test for chopper worked without a hitch. Just set one up, 8000 meter patrol area, 20 waypoints, and he was flying and looking. I would like suggestion on the types of choppers I can use in patrols. is there a way to set a formation of like 3 together?
  2. Thanks for the reply. I found the issue. The file name association of the radio_message. According to the install information it refers to radio_message/radio_message.sqf but the file is radio/radio.sqf that was the issue.
  3. Ok guys... Just need a little help. Updated to the latest version here, been running WAi for a long time, but now on server load in , we are hanging at the loading screen. Can hear the sounds and movement, but loading screen stays up. no errors in the rpt, and WAi is showing to load up fine.. Any suggestions?? Server Monitor below
  4. Caveman, Maybe I did something wrong, but i got the TFVB menu after adding in the additions, but when clicking them the menus disappeared from all traders for TFVB..... and nothing happened. No errors on RPT. I changed the systemChat format ["Selling ALL weapons in your %1.",_vehicleDisplayName]; to systemChat format ["Selling ALL weapons in your vehicle..... Walk away to cancel"; NEVERMIND... I think i see i forgot the ] before the ; in the lines..... Bet thats it..
  5. Vampire, Im sure this has been asked, but I guess I will be that guy that asks again.. How would you setup a Construction mission in a static location that starts with server restart with marker....I would like to do one with 4 M2's a Heli patrol, and Heli para drop.. with approx. 20 AI, on Hard at the mission..... Im not a scripter by any means, but I am also willing to do the work if you can point me in the right direction.. Thanks again for all your contributions.....
  6. How would someone setup a (for instance) Apache formation of 2 choppers (kinda like in Orgins) that randomly patrol or staticly patrol the map from server start to restart without a player causing the action to take place.. Also have the chopper attack any moving vehicle or player if moving in its Attack range.... Just thought it would be a good thing for players that just like to fly around with nothing to worry about...
  7. Csus, Just a question for an addition, or if you would tell me how to do it??? BTW, We are loving this script man... BIG PROPS TO YOU>>>>> When clicking sell items from back pack, or vehicle, and you click sell it says starting trade in countdown.. How can it be changed to say___ Warning: All items (if selling items) / All weapons (if weapons) / All magazines (If mags) in Backpack (if from backpack) in Vehicle (if vehicle) will be sold to this trader... Move to cancel trade.......... Just thought it may help for guys joining sever first time at trader with TFVB...
  8. Yes.. All was fixed with that latest patch on infistar..... Thanks,
  9. Works like a Charm... Took me a minute to check everything, but worth it... THANKS for the work on this...
  10. WElcome man. Let me know.. The server is empty, i can test anything when ready..
  11. Ok so here is the last test i did, just to check the staging... Items i used in the test in the Ural are below.. The trade stages were tested at the Trader Bash on the building Supply trader (He sells Building Supplies, Toolbelt Items, Vehicle Parts) Clicking the Trade weapons came up with one stage trade magazines= 1 stage trade all items= 3 stages
  12. Before i post, woud someone remind me of the spoiler code?? Got it thanks
  13. Just for craps and giggles... Is there any Epoch items that cant be added to traders, or in game due to issues you know of... Thinking about adding in the Pooks to traders, and the M240 nest for base building..
  14. Csus, Maybe this is just on my end, but i will do my best to explain.. When trading magazines from vehicle, the count of items, and items sold per stage do not add up..... Just say 100 total magazines, in 5 different categories, INIT set to sell 10 per stage-----The trader tells you 28 stages..... Also, Going to any trader that sells items (not wepons) Like the medic guy, building, magazine guy---- It will tell you the same number of stages as stated above, even if you dont have an item they will buy from you, and will let you go through the motion of selling the items, but they dont sell... So if you have a truck full of ammo, and a few food items, and go to the food guy first, it will count all the items in truck, but only sell the 2 food items, 50 stages later..
  15. Nice work Sir... Thanks... I got so tired of going to one site then another searching for classnames..
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