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  1. Ok ,I'll try that now, Thanks!
  2. Hello, I'm the admin of my server and someone told me when they placed the safe / vault down a code didn't appear on their screen, is there anyway I can retrieve this code from the server database? Any help would be greatly appreacited.
  3. thank you, this is greatly appreciated!
  4. Just a little bump I want to get my server public by tonight!
  5. Hello guys, I've been playing on a DayZ Epoch server which is running and when you get up close to a player it shows their name in white text just below the center of your screen. I bought my own server and I'm trying to implement that feature into my server as it would be good for knowing who's near you in the traders .ect any help is greatly appreciated (I'm running DayZ Epoch ( also a complete noob to scripting)) Thanks again! EDIT: Put the wrong mod version in :P Changed to correct version.
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