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  1. One last question regarding the spawn timer (your example of 5 minutes). Is that 5 minutes from the time that a player leaves a certain radius, x, or from the time a player enters the radius, or picks up the weapon/item, etc? Or, assuming it is from the time that the weapon is spawned, will the old items disappear and the new ones spawn in? I know this is a really in-depth question that I'm sure only a few know; I'm just curious how it all works out. Thanks, CJR
  2. I see. Thanks so much! I'll give that a shot when I get home tonight! One last question. So, if I wanted, say, 3 types of crates; could I do: crate_custom1, crate_custom2, and crate_custom3 Then do: ] call mission_winorfail; if(_complete) then { [_crate[crate_custom1],[crate_custom2],[crate_custom3]] call dynamic_crate; }; BUT, how would l make it random? Would I make it: "[crate_custom1, .3]" for a 30% chance? Also, is the numbers before, like the 16 in "[16,ai_wep_sniper]", how many class names that it will pull from the crate? Thanks a ton! CJR
  3. I was talking about the second option. Thanks!
  4. I'm currently trying to figure this out, as well. I'll keep you posted if I figure it out! Just pray someone else already knows how and is kind enough to help us out :) -CJR
  5. CJR

    Admin tools

    Here is a YouTube link teaching you how to Install it: Hope this helps! -CJR
  6. CJR

    Admin tools

    There are a couple that you could use. The "best" one, but it costs roughly $40, is Infistar. I use this admin tool: Which is free, but not as great as Infistar. It definitely is a good Admin tool, though! I'd definitely recommend using this unless you are ready to invest even more into a server. -CJR
  7. Do you, by chance, have an example of maybe what you did with a server of yours? I think that may be the easiest way to explain it! Haha Thanks again, CJR
  8. I'm sorry, it's not highlighted in green for me; but I assume that you are talking about the specific items--like the bandages, food, etc. Would I add the guns into the "crate_items_sniper" array, or is that purely for mag slot items and not for guns? I would ttest it out, but I'm not at my PC right now, and won't be for a bit. Thank you so much for your help! -CJR
  9. Does anyone have a tutorial for adding custom gun spawns to the boxes that spawn in the WAI 2.1.4 Hero and Bandit missions? I've found where it calls the boxes, in config.sqf at line 148: " // Dynamic box array crates_large = ["USVehicleBox","RUVehicleBox","TKVehicleBox_EP1"]; " But I cannot seem to find where the boxes are so that I may modify them with my own weapons. I currently have a working Overpoch trader in and can buy all the guns--like the Cheytec, M110, ACRs, etc--but I cannot seem to get them to spawn in my missions. I have already conversed with Vert Hosting Customer Support about this, and they too, do not seem to know how to do it with WAI version 2.1.4. I've also done a quick search around the forums, but to no avail. Anything helps! Thanks a ton, CJR
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