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  1. Same on my end, clear instructions followed step by step but I still run into the authentication hang/timeout. I will continue to try out different things and report back if successful. Thanks for the help!
  2. I've searched and I can't find an answer... I get stuck at Authentication. I've tried the instructions a couple times and each time it would hang on starting to authenticate, I then tried swapping out the server files as well as adding the extra server_publishFullObject.sqf then changing the call path in server_functions.sqf but now it passes the starting to authenticate and hangs on authenticating and retrying authentication until it times out. I'm running on a fresh Vilayer server, only added Infistar. Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the info, but when you say extract your database/execute the sql, you mean just use the backup and restore options on the Vilayer control panel?
  4. Hi All, I sent in a support ticket asking the same question a couple days ago and have yet to get an answer, maybe one of you guys can answer it... I want to change my Epoch map from Chernarus to Lingor on my server hosted by Vilayer. If I change the map, will the Chernarus map get wiped? I mean, if I choose to go back to Chernarus later on down the road, will all the same scripts, player constructions, vehicles, added buildings, etc... still be there or will it be a default Chernarus map which I will then have to add all the scripts back to? Thanks!! xFATAx
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  6. Hi All, I've searched and searched for a way to do the following, but haven't come up with an answer... I'm looking at splitting Chernarus up into PVP and Non PVP areas. I would like to have it so there's some sort of god mode in the Non PVP area, where zeds and AI can still hurt you but players and vehicles cannot. I assume I can edit the trader safe zone script so it places multiple safe zones around the map, but how do I make it so zeds and AI can still attack, but players and vehicles cannot? Will adding multiple safe zones create lag or any other sort of conflict? Is there a script or a way to turn friendly fire off within a certain area? Can I make an area on the map where only players with X amount of humanity can enter it, and if they try without enough humanity, they get tp'd to the outskirts of the map ? Is there a way to log player deaths by showing who they were killed by and where they were killed on the map? Does anyone else have something similar setup on their server who can help me out or give me some pointers on how I can implement this idea? Thanks alot for your time everyone, xFATAx
  7. Hi all, I'm having trouble setting a respawn time for my static spawn AI using Sarge AI. As it stands now, I have an AI base with 20 AI that spawn in it. As soon as the last AI is killed, the whole group spawns again. I've read and read on how to change the respawn time and the only answer I've come up with is adding the time in seconds to the end of the static spawn line in the SAR_cfg_grps_chernarus.sqf. Mine looks like this, where 600 is the amount of seconds in which I'd like them to respawn. [sAR_marker_base,3,5,15,"fortify",true,600] call SAR_AI; The AI still respawn right after the last AI is killed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, xFATAx
  8. Hi All, I've been searching a couple days now and can't find any info on whether or not I can add supply boxes with building materials to a specific area on the map that will respawn full on server restart. I would like to setup an area like a trader city where players can come and take as much building materials as they please for free. I've seen it done on another server where they had ammo boxes filled with weapons and ammo so I assume that the ammo boxes can contain whatever loot I add to it. I've tried doing this myself by spawning ammo boxes and adding loot to them, but they always disappear upon restart. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks, xFATAx
  9. Do walls built by cinder blocks need to be maintained every 6 days like wood walls?
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