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  1. Found and fixed now, thanks anyway guys!
  2. Player #26 boris (randomguid) has been kicked by BattlEye: Admin Kick (BEC : The Server has reached its player limit. Please try again) That's the actual message if that helps!
  3. I'm not sure on reserved slots because it says we are a 52 slot server but only 47 can connect. We haven't specifically allocated reserved slots (unless mac did) however we do have two lots of ai missions running which may take a slot each? But yes it's the message saying something like (I'll copy it when we next cap) battleye kick [server full]. I'ts not script restrictions or anything as I can deal with them, it's just literally the server full kick. If anyone knows where I allocate slots etc as well that would be lovely! We use Infistar Antihack. Basically I'm the guy that does the easier stuff like towing, bloodbags & toolbox bike style stuff whilst Mac does the back end stuff so my knowledge is there but not super coder style! Thanks for the replies so far!
  4. Hey guys, We have built our server with Epoch with this forum for many many fixes on our coding! Firstly I would like to say thanks to the Epoch devs for the awesome mod and secondly to the modders that have made the awesome add ons! Now we have managed to get our server popular enough that people get kicked for it being full. How the hell do we turn off these incredibly annoying battleye messages? I've googled but I can't find anything on it and our main Tech guy is currently away. Any help will be received with eternal gratitude! Thanks!
  5. Nice idea dude, I like it! Maybe some hobo's inside to defend their container!
  6. I haven't done the spawn in yet, the guy above shows us that. As for the traders, I've added them into my plane dealer (along with a Merlin) with comparable prices to the Little bird. I've only added the non gun ones as there are enough anyway! I made the 2 seater 8 10oz as it's faster than the little bird with 2 seats. I made the 4 seater 8 10 oz as it's faster than the black little bird but doesn't hold 6 people. I think the prices aren't really an issue but there are easy to add to the trader using the scripts. INSERT INTO `traders_data` (`item`,`qty`,`buy`,`sell`,`order`,`tid`,`afile`) VALUES ('["1Rnd_HE_M203",1]',10,'[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]','[2,"ItemGoldBar",1]',0,60,'trade_items') Just change the name and prices.
  7. Oh that will do! Thanks chap. I've just redone our server for the new update so I'm too burnt out to use my friend Google haha.
  8. Hey guys, We are struggling a little with lag lately. So instead of adding in proper missions with AI I was wondering if anyone knows any way to make the in game crashes or supply drops actually make map markers of them selves? This way we figure wouldn't cause lag but would still cause the PvP zones away from base raiding etc. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks Goat
  9. Hey guys thanks for the reply. I changed the following from 2 to 7 which is the Lingor instance. Not sure if this is right so I'll check in the morning to see where the vehicles are! if(isnil "DynamicVehicleArea") then { DynamicVehicleArea = dayz_MapArea / 7; If this is wrong I'm unsure. Our main server is using .ST and is fairly simple for these things. The new one with the issues is hosted by HFB which seams to make everything harder! To be fair I'm learning as I go so I wouldn't be surprised if I was doing something wrong! Any help is always appreciated though guys, We bloody love epoch!!
  10. Hey guys, I've been setting up a Lingor Island Epoch server which I would like to say for a start is amazing! The map is perfect for Epoch with all the villas etc! Anyway, I have vehicles spawning in the ocean currently and after some Googling I have no idea what the problem is! It's like they are using a different spawn map to the Lingor Map. Anyone had this issue? Cheers Goat
  11. It's really quiet also, so do it when there are bandits around! (Seriously, it's mega loud!)
  12. You can make a sledge hammer from finding a handle and a head and putting them together.
  13. Build a base in a barn (I did) and you get CZ550's with ammo, Makarov ammo (for the SD version you bought) along with food, drink, bandages, wood packs.. etc. Basically don't build a base, build two doors and take a barn! Some even make nice garages!
  14. They really need to balance the vehicles. They halved the Military off road from 100 to 50 and everything else is fairly rubbish. I use the Hummer_DZ as it hold 120 but they should really consider improving other vehicles to be more realistic. For example the SUV camo holds 100 but the Toyota thing only holds 50 but they are the same size. Don't even get me started on the OP 400 item armoured SUV, Yes armour, Yes a gun, But 400 items? Terrible! Rant over! Haha
  15. I'm interested in this, do we see a visual degradation? I'm slightly concerned I will log in to half my base missing!
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