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  1. playing epoch now join our ts to play or join us .sdi.teamspeak3.com
  2. TXo1 2 jets killing people, thanks i know yall will take care of it, just a heads up .
  3. Ive been having alot of fun on epoch and playing with the new members ,Join us everyone is welcome :)
  4. hows that ? i bump once a day ,if other ppl comment i cant help that .
  5. Some cool ideas bro I hope to see some added.
  6. base building will get better ,devs are hard at work im sure.
  7. i dont know why our other thread got deleted so i post a new one
  8. Disrespectful Inc is now recruiting for experienced survivors/bandits to form an elite tactical clan that are prepared for battle at the drop of a hatchet. Our primary purpose is to engage hostile environments as a unit, in order to gain infamy for the clan. Gritty play style is encouraged in our recruiting, people not afraid to get their hands dirty and dont shy away from battle... We are looking for committed players who are willing to put in the work to advance the clan, but this is where you will be rewarded, the more you put into the clan the more you will get out of it. On a lighter note, we are a bunch of guys who have fun and enjoy a laugh... often at each others expense smile.png We seek players with a certain type of attitude that compliments our existing group... We encourage you to join our Teamspeak at sdi.teamspeak3.com and have a laugh with us, share some war stories and see if we are the clan for you... The clan has a ranked structure... and we are currently seeking the right men for the right positions.-SDI Satan Also we play other games too... join us here sdi.teamspeak3.com
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