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  1. seems its legit, homework.....DONE
  2. you need a frequency jammer. it takes 9 small salvage metal to build. If you dont have it anyone can come move your walls. Also those server files are stolen they were not intended to be released. So they are not legit servers. Here is a list of legit servers. http://epochmod.com/servers.php
  3. hes referring to the OP view that a group leader has. It allows a birds eye view of the battlefield and gives a very big tactical advantage to the grouped team. Im not sure if they plan to remove this or not.
  4. Currently you need 4 mortar to craft a foundation
  5. someone did before the wipe. but it was brought down by the admins due to taking up too much building spot on the server. here is some footage of it about 4:30. Not me in the videos btw.
  6. my character seems to be "saved" to a certain point. no matter how many times i log in and out it or what gear i log out with, it reverts to that point. Havent test buying and giving an item away yet, or dieing for that matter.
  7. Sefin

    Stream Sniper

    Something you have to realize, stream sniping is not illegal just a really d-bag thing to do. Always be aware of this when streaming that people want to kill you just to see your face when you die; because they can see your face or at least hear you. Thanks for the name though, others will hopefully look out for him, assuming he doesnt change it.
  8. This is common when you have no Energy, as energy is required to build things in Epoch. If you sat in a vehicle for a sec you would have gained enough to plant the box. Bummer about the box disappearing though
  9. This is happening to me as well when I loot trash piles.
  10. sure its not just the hellcat? have you seen it shoot rockets yet?
  11. lol, this doesnt even make sense bro. Radar is used to spot people actively in vehicles as they show up green. Thermal is used as a scouting and spotting device when you have other team members on the ground persuing players. Also its a hell of alot easier to find a random vehicle vs the one hidden in the reeds or under a tree at someones base.
  12. I agree and the thermal on the Hellcat needs to be removed as well. Extremely "OP"
  13. known bug, they are working on it to fix it.
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