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  1. Jun_msk

    starting humanity

    works for anyone?
  2. Hi!I was looking for, in what place removed vehicle patrol bots, but never found. In the files DZAI I opened vehicle, set ObjectID, ObjectUID, put in vehicle loot, added event message to the player that the vehicle will be lost after restart. Everything works, but when spawn a new patrol, the old vehicle is removed. I comment strings include deleteVehicle, did not help. Tell me which part of code is deleted? Thanks in advance!
  3. Don't work)) I change table structure in phpmyadmin.
  4. Jun_msk

    starting humanity

    Hi! I change humanity value to 0 in phpmyadmin in characterdata table structure. But new players have 2500 humanity. Sorry for my english. ALTER TABLE `character_data` CHANGE `Humanity` `Humanity` INT(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '10';
  5. Hi! Can I change start humanity new players? Default is 2500. I want to chenge it to 0. Thanks!
  6. Jun_msk

    New player humanity

    for moder: This question Arma 2 dayz epoch.
  7. Jun_msk

    New player humanity

    Hi! Can I change start humanity new players? Default is 2500. I want to chenge it to 0. Thanks!
  8. When player login by family-steam in server_log save owner GUID: 0:13:05 BattlEye Server: Player #0 VaeVictis - GUID: 11f6c42ae63ceb880d0f9c20729f6fe9 (unverified) 0:13:06 Игрок VaeVictis присоединился (id=76561198135184338). 0:13:06 BattlEye Server: Verified GUID (11f6c42ae63ceb880d0f9c20729f6fe9) of player #0 VaeVictis 0:13:06 BattlEye Server: Player #0 VaeVictis - Owner GUID: 19a6afda3f3207df312a6f57df5f16a5
  9. If using infistar ban: Ban UID 00000000 - ban only steam account. Player can use many family accounts. Ban UID 11111111 - ban only Family steam account 1. Player can use many family accounts and main account. etc. If using BE ban: Ban GUID g0g0g0g0g0 - ban all accounts; Ban GUID g1g1g1g1g1 - ban only Family steam account 1. Ban GUID g2g2g2g2g2 - ban only Family steam account 2. etc. My script only shows the family-accounts and checks, whether a player from the main account. Основной GUID - Main GUID Дочерний - Family Green text - player using many accounts.
  10. http://store.steampowered.com/promotion/familysharing
  11. Hello everyone! Any player has the ability to create multiple parent accounts Steam. They get a new UID and a new GUID that is attached to the main. If you get bans bad players on the UID by using infistar, the guilty person may go to your server with the new UID without buying a new game. To track these multi-accounts I created a small script that checks Your server_log.txt and displays the list of violators. The script is here: cplace.ru/tvink.php You can use if your server is not allowed to have multiple accounts! Всем привет! У любого игрока есть возможность создать несколько родительских аккаунтов Steam. При этом они получают новый UID и новый GUID, который привязан к основному. Если вы баните плохих игроков по UID при помощи инфистара, то виновник может зайти к Вам на сервер с новым UID без покупки новой игры. Чтобы отслеживать такие мультиаккаунты я создал небольшой скрипт, который проверяет Ваш server_log.txt и выводит список нарушителей. Скрипт тут: cplace.ru/tvink.php Можно использовать, если у Вас на сервере запрещено иметь несколько аккаунтов!
  12. https://github.com/RimBlock/Epoch/tree/master/A%20Plot%20for%20Life#instructions-for-linking-in-to-your-mission
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