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  1. Hello I own a Dayz Epoch Taviana Server and i cant seem to find out how to install coin currency on it. So i am here to offer someone 20$ Or less to do install it (Will Pay after we see it works) If interested contact Gadget Or Rekpoint In this teamspeak for more info dal-voice1.fragnet.net:10062 Poke us! Thanks
  2. Mike I am now having the same problem it worked fine now this has happened ive updated the hive and config still get this.. and i cant play ether.. I need a fix asap someone help I had a bunch of scripts working and now this happens.
  3. I get authentication error and some battleye error also... is my console suppose to spam items? Then after the 4th join i spawn in but get stuck on the epoch screen i can hear my footsteps...
  4. I got Does that mean anything? I removed requiredSecureId = 2 And I did not get that error
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