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  1. Yes it can, the default database that comes with the linux dayz has a worldspace field thats too short though, which causes it to only store a part of it and fuck up your objects. Just change the field length to a bit longer and all should work fine. If you need any more help just let me know, I have all the files somewhere still
  2. Good job, I'd been looking through the files and found the problem a couple of days ago too, but hadn't come to actually finding a proper fix and posting it yet. I'll throw you code in and give it some testing, thanks for the work :)
  3. I'm not having any issues running it on Debian 7.5, so hit me up if you need to know anything
  4. We might have the same issue, running the newest version of antihack
  5. There is no 125548 version for Linux as far as I know
  6. Don't worry about the error message too much, the server will run fine while having that. The key is adding the following file to the base folder of your server. The server should let you join and play just fine then.
  7. I have not had any issues running the server with BattlEye on. Server has been online For a day of 2 with a few players on and off, and I haven't encountered any stability issues. Running Wheezy (7.5) 64 bits, and updated the libraries by updating my sources list to get the sid files (added "deb http://ftp.debian.org/debian sid main" to /etc/apt/sources.list). I can just run the normal epoch.sh this way, without any modifications
  8. Make sure you have all the properties (permissions) set correctly, and check if there's anything in the dump.log file that might tell us more. It's hard to say without seeing everything, but I guess you could try to just run the epoch file directly by doing ./epoch and see if there's anything that comes up there
  9. Doesn't seem like that's possible, since that version is not the steam version yet. I tried (joining with 112555 is a pain in the dick atm in the first place), but got 'Session Lost'. Most players will have their game updated anyway though, since Steam now autoupdates everything.
  10. Yup, seems like adding the steam_appid.txt file fixed at least the most major issues with the newest server binary. I am now able to run the server and join it with the latest version of the steam client. I've been running other steam games like CSGO in the past and steam tends to throw out things like "[S_API FAIL] SteamAPI_Init() failed; SteamAPI_IsSteamRunning() failed" without causing any issues, but not finding the steamclient.so had me confused for a bit too. As far as the LIBC issues go, I'm running debian wheezy and had to get the sid version for this to run properly. No idea why they're using 2.16 when most of the servers run OS' that don't support it but whatever. edit: Weird thing is, it does actually locate and use the steamclient, when I remove it, it'll return the following dlopen failed trying to load:steamclient.so with error: steamclient.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory So it seems it's just a false error in the first place
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