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  1. You know they are & have reported about a new map
  2. You my sir need to watch the video there is alot of good stuff in it like new bullet caliber sizes & weapon resting, the new way bipods attach to all guns, new gillie suits & lots of ohter things
  3. Guys it will be ready when it is ready so just hold on a little longer as you will not be disappointed.
  4. How can this be his Steam ID as on this account he does not even have Arma 3 on this account? Edit : Opps sorry my mistake just woke up so I missed it
  5. Yes can we have that GUID & IP & Name so we can ad it manually tour server.
  6. It is there for a reason as it protects people from spawn camping & it is not that bad you do not even notice it much when you are in-game.
  7. Here is a link to a great Idea for a new vehicle http://www.australiastoughestcars.com.au/news/baddest-atv-ever-all-terrain-mini-ripsaw/ I can see lots of people ripping it up.
  8. The earplug idea is good BUT I like the current Epoch way as it is some thing different to make Epoch stand out from the rest of the crowd.
  9. Hey just a Idea I think making camo nets using scrap pelt & grass or bushes to hide you stuff, like hiding Vehicles or Helli's if you do not have a base made.
  10. Cothing storage gone is a good thing in my opion & should stay gone.
  11. We have constant contact with the Lee from Vilayer & right now it works just fine.
  12. These are all good reponses & constructive.
  13. Hello I was talking to my community about the water issue when you have a base in a remote area, I was wondering if you where able to find plastic pieces from the trash or squish able items & after you have a certain amount you could then make a barrel to collect rain water so you can use your empty jars to have fresh water. This would be a good way to get more people looking for more stuff to craft. I would like to hear what everyone thinks of this idea. BananaMan62 Co-Owner Allfps Australian Gaming Community http://allfps.com.au/
  14. BananaMan62

    New map?

    Come on guys BI are currently working on a new map right now aswell so we can enjoy.
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