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  1. Hi, I like this Mapaddon very much, but could you do a further version of the big file without the road from the hospital to pobeda-dam and all the things on the way there? I use this Mapaddon too: https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/43771-new-roadstownsvillages-north-of-chernarus/ and the streets are clipping into another...
  2. If i try to spawn a bike per deploy anything i get the message "stopped - you are already building".
  3. Is the Mainpost up-to-date? New missions aren't spawning, added up to hundred for each bandit/hero; removed junkyard.
  4. I did. Doesn't work. Followed full instructions and have read whole topic...
  5. This script doesn't work. Not recommendable... always got kicked by restriction #0 ...
  6. For doors and garagedoors too? pleeeaaaseee :D
  7. ZarX, have you been able to figure it out???
  8. First question: Which scripts are used by traders to automaticly stack & unstack gold, silver ect...? 2nd Question: And how am i able to stack other items or especially Gems? ( those items that normally aren't stackable ) The reason for my questions is very simply. I'd like to extend the currency on our server, but not by a single currency system. -> I <3 to have some kind of gold & gemrushfeeling :D. I've made items buyable and sellable by gems, got gems buy- and tradeable by each others and by gold; and gave gems different values: As example the ruby is worth 12 Briefcases of gold and the chance to got it in a Oreveinwreck is 3%. Now I want the traders to unstack a ruby to let's say 11 Briefcases of gold because the player is buying some item which is worth 1 Briefcase of gold. A further Question would be: If gems are stockable like gold & silver, it would be nice to put at least 10 gems to one briefcase :) so how to???? How about scripting this? I think I have somewhere read a script that explains at least the standard stacking and unstacking and is included there somewhere in the DayZEpochPBOs, but I'm not sure about that. Thank you very much in advance
  9. Zupa plz add to your intructions: -Extract this Folder: @DayZ_Epoch -> addons -> dayz_epoch_b.pbo -> CfgServerTrader -put it to your mission-folder. It's the Database of items you can buy/sell. No More SQL-Tables needed. in your init.sqf add this line: DZE_ConfigTrader = true -in your description.ext add this line add the top of includes, it should be one of the first things beeing included: #include "CfgServerTrader\cfgServerTrader.hpp"
  10. Hi, I'm trying to figure out why the Sarge AI Bots aren't shooting at the extra vehicles. Only mission-vehicles like the humvee with Hero- or Banditbase shoots at them. Where using WAI, DZMS & SargAi. Map: Chernarus ; Dayz Epoch Can anybody help?
  11. rpg4e

    Vehicle Spawn Table?

    thx, ..., ahhh to easy ;)
  12. rpg4e

    Vehicle Spawn Table?

    How to setup which vehicles are able to spawn on map??? [Dayz Epoch - Chernarus]
  13. Is it possible to adjust oreveins & supplycrates? Problem: If i remove a supplycratewreck or an oreveinwreck in game other players are still able to see the wrecks and to remove them again. How to fix this dupe? Already tried this: and this: But none of both worked as suggested. So where to find the script of standardwrecks ( old cars, helis ect... ) to use them to fix this? Or better: Is anyone able to make a working script for that problem? [Dayz Epoch - Chernarus]
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