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  1. https://ufile.io/o8uge is the error im getting pc details i5 4460 Amd RX 460 12 GB RAM 550 GB storage
  2. im having a server fps of 50 and i have the latest version installed but it just doesnt mention WAI at all
  3. thanks for the response i am calling for wai in the exact way that you posted but now none of the ai scripts are working except for a couple of times where it will spawn 1 minor mission and then nothing
  4. im having trouble installing the mission scripts for some reason the dzms missions are spawning but wicked ai isnt doing anything not even any message pop ups in the rpt file and im a one of those plebs that does not want to redo his server because of gear and base loss https://ufile.io/mvck0 this is my rpt file
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