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  1. Just another day in paradise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yb3SoNCv5lo
  2. That's no joke. Vehicles are like gifts from the gods after playing so much of the standalone. I won't be able to go back until they add them in. It's only saving grace is you run a bit faster.
  3. Indeed it has been. Everything is so different since we last played that it all feels very new. Vehicles are such a big game changer.
  4. A while back my friend and I took a break from DayZ and in that time the standalone was released. We've been playing the standalone since. We decided to give the Epoch mod updates a go... It was pretty amazing... Wishing the standalone was further along now... So much has changed in the past year and it is incredible. We're going to be playing a lot more of this mod.
  5. I'm curious. My longest surviving character made it 17 days until a server auto killed him. These days I don't seem to make it more than a few days. I've become a bit reckless since then. Seems more fun that way. Of course, it's never zombies. The real threat is the other players. I've lasted as little as 10 minutes, going down in a hail of automatic gunfire...... I love this game. What is the longest you've survived? (shortest dying to a bandit?)
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