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  1. It did not have any built in physics to it? could build never ending towers, ergo bases in epoch 3 are both realistic (which is what the aim is) and the chances of raiding without having to get through bs defences is alot greater.
  2. Is there any way to change the box the gear is in so that it can be lifted?
  3. Hey all, So I just finished installing the new server, added blck's ai missions and the status bar and now everytime I go to take ammo and put it in the gun it is instantly deleted, what would be causing this? Cheers SG.
  4. Fair enough, just started seeing a lot about it and thought I would ask the question for some clarification.
  5. Good morning all, So I have seen a few people mention that they do not use BE filters when using infistar and that it is more than capable of handling the antihack side of things. What do you all think about this? Any experiences? Regards, SG.
  6. Is there a way to set it so you can allow say 8 of one type but only 4 will spawn on the map?
  7. Scratch that, It was a missing file however fixed that now i get a message that say cannot load mission and when ever you die and respawn it spawns you at your dead body. Please help me!
  8. I have put my images in (at the moment only .jpg) and use the following code: class Vehicles { items=4; class Item0 { position[]={23600.611,2.8548489,17990.768}; azimut=180; offsetY=5; id=1; side="EMPTY"; vehicle="UserTexture10m_F"; skill=0.60000002; init="this setObjectTexture [0, ""stavros.jpg""]"; }; class Item1 { position[]={23617.1,2.8548489,18001.1}; azimut=90; offsetY=5; id=1; side="EMPTY"; vehicle="UserTexture10m_F"; skill=0.60000002; init="this setObjectTexture [0, ""kore.jpg""]"; }; class Item2 { position[]={23584.2,2.8548489,18001.1}; azimut= 270; offsetY=5; id=1; side="EMPTY"; vehicle="UserTexture10m_F"; skill=0.60000002; init="this setObjectTexture [0, ""mine.jpg""]"; }; class Item3 { position[]={23600.5,2.8548489,18010.2}; azimut=360; offsetY=5; id=1; side="EMPTY"; vehicle="UserTexture10m_F"; skill=0.60000002; init="this setObjectTexture [0, ""wall.paa""]"; }; }; Now all the game does is flick between the load screen and the lobby, any ideas?
  9. Last time I logged in the heli I landed near trader was still there but my char spawned back in the teleport area. Will check again in the morning, its only a new server so no building objects yet. Thanks for the advice, will also add that line and turn the thing off.
  10. Hi Everyone, Any one had an issue where every time you log out and back in you log into the teleport room? for some reason my players position doesn't save, any ideas? Also how do you change the new helicopter controls I have changed forceRotorLibSimulation = 1; I have changed it to -1 and 2 and it is always forced on. Cheers, Sgt
  11. Hey all, Does anyone out there have a static AI WAI file for a sector b island on the updated tavi map? Currently running 2.1.4 WAI Cheers! SG.
  12. Hey MrPredatorr Any chance you could share that file again? drop box is giving a 404 error/.
  13. :P already checked that they are all there and have ; where needed
  14. Just re enabled config traders and get this error now :/ I have no idea why since they are all default files. Updating base class AK_BASE->AKS_BASE, by ca\communityconfigurationproject_e\ai_madeaks74unk obrafullysilenced\config.bin/CfgWeapons/AKS_74_UN_kobra/ ErrorMessage: File mpmissions\DayZ_Epoch_13.Tavi\description.ext, line 154: /CfgTraderCategory/Category_602/: Missing '}' All that line is w = 0.9; from the line: class Name2 : RscText // the text on the top-left { idc = 101; x = 0.05; y = 0.029412; w = 0.9; h = 0.04902; text = ""; sizeEx = 0.05; colorText[] = {0.543,0.5742,0.4102,1.0}; };
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