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  1. We also offered some of the developers performance tests on our high-end servers. Since we do run some 120+ slots altis life servers, we got the experience to make it possible without any lag/desyncs. Thatfor we use watercooled 4790K's, running on at least 4,80Ghz ... Ramdisk, gbit/s uplinks and so on. They didnt respond or refused - its too early for "testing" -_-
  2. Woah ... looking forward to our 120 slot roleplay server :) Atm the only problem is that every little shit randomly can get access. There are no rules, so there are no consequences for any kind of gameplay now.
  3. Ü20? Perfektes Deutsch? Push to talk aktiviert? Ja du! ts.nameless-gaming.eu und ab in den Arma3: Epoch channel!
  4. It really is a problem, people have nothing to lose, they can always respawn, grab something and then do it again without any negative effects in the future. As DayZ:Epoch showed - safe zones are going to be considered by the biggest amount of private server hosters by the time - for a very good reason. If you asume most players will do roleplay and take part in a story, then you are wrong ... I for myself can also take part while being in a safe zone :)
  5. That clothing thing was also often reported in arma2 .... #justarmathings Only workaround i knew was to disable any clothes-swap/pickup if there was another player nearby (+ pain in the ass to detect desyncs).. That one should be fixed with care, its pure duping.
  6. Well yeah .. work around it? Buy stuff at traders, drop it .. let the other team mates pick it up and re-sell. Guess 5% fee from traders wont be that bad. Its something.
  7. Cooked Sheep Leg cant be eaten. Works fine with "cooked goat leg". Both crafted to the cooked Item at the same time (+/- 5secs). Was the first time i crafted goat/sheep leg to each "cooked" variant. Issue #15
  8. It is a problem. When players try to withdraw more then 999.999 at once, the money will mostly like get wiped. Maybe not right after it, but on relog.
  9. Refresh whole server list, then favorites will be shown as online. DayZ Commander is a very "stupid" application.
  10. Someone who requests a few bucks for 1-2 hours of work = somebody who doesnt cherish his/her work or gets excited about a few bucks, which means in return that their knowledge and basic level of understanding is very low since "freelancers" can take on bigger projects with a few hundred if not thousend bucks of reward. And since you are from berlin you sure do know what a "script kiddie" is. No hard feelings. Not to mention that its illegal in europa (and other parts of the world) to offer work without trade certificate, even when its just 10 bucks. To get this clear: - To offer help with scripts is beautiful and honorable - To expect donations for it (without even basic knowledge) is illegal (and also fraud)
  11. Armored SUV does not work with this. And yes. if you pull in multiple skins for one class, it will break. You are one genius arnt you? would you take a minute to figure yourself, instead you prepare a question post which costs you at least 5 minutes. @2sugars Nice one, but seems a little dirty on edges. Do you use custom player skins in your profile folder?
  12. Thread-starter wont be able to combine already existing maps (there are too many different connectors such as min/max height/climatic/...) Therefore he can also start something new.
  13. mark88

    infistar admin tools

    Its not like infistar does help against any scriptkiddies. Try to disable battleye for a hour or so and just leave infistar running, your server will be filled with wannabe-haxx0rs. I did so (BE update problems 2 weeks agon) and then i could be invisible and check some new players spawning themself some ammo boxes ... Then they killed me (i had god on and was invisible) while shooting at me and banned me from my own server :lol: Took me over 5 minutes to clean up the mess, at least never again without BE ;) Thats what infistar is, an expensive script collection with some nice admin cheats, but honestly - absolutely no protection against anything you could call a cheat :)
  14. mark88

    AI Flying

    Also used WAI helis (for parachuting AI), i never ever saw them shooting at players or vehicles (gunners are always there ....). Guess thats what he means.
  15. I want to re-write the humanity system (with some success already)! First i overwrite the cliend-side fn_damageHandler.sqf, and removed following part: /* _canHitFree = player getVariable ["freeTarget",false]; _isBandit = (player getVariable["humanity",0]) <= -5000; _isPZombie = player isKindOf "PZombie_VB"; if (!_canHitFree && !_isBandit && !_isPZombie) then { //Process Morality Hit _myKills = 0 max (1 - (player getVariable ["humanKills",0]) / 5); _humanityHit = -100 * _myKills * _damage; if (_humanityHit != 0) then { [_source,_humanityHit] spawn { private ["_source","_humanityHit"]; _source = _this select 0; _humanityHit = _this select 1; PVDZE_send = [_source,"Humanity",[_source,_humanityHit,30]]; publicVariableServer "PVDZE_send"; }; }; }; */ I believe this is some epoch "wannabe" random humanity crap (never understood why). Now in server_playerDied.sqf i added following: (...) if ((owner _victim) == (owner _killer)) then { (...) _message = format["%1 killed himself",_victimName]; _loc_message = format["PKILL: %1 killed himself", _victimName]; } else { //custom humanity private ["_vichumanity","_killerhumanity"]; _vichumanity = _victim getVariable ["humanity",0]; _killerhumanity = _killer getVariable ["humanity",0]; //bandit/hero // level1 +/- 5000 // level2 +/- 10000 // level3 +/- 20000 // a hero who kills a hero, same loss of humanity at any time if((_vichumanity > 4999)) then { if(_killerhumanity > 4999) then { // lvl1 hero kille by lvl3 hero _killerhumanity = _killerhumanity - 800; _killer setVariable ["humanity",_killerhumanity,true]; _vichumanity = _vichumanity - 300; _victim setVariable ["humanity",_vichumanity,true]; }; }; //custom humanity _message = format["%1 was killed by %2 with weapon %3 from %4m",_victimName, _killerName, _weapon, _distance]; _loc_message = format["PKILL: %1 was killed by %2 with weapon %3 from %4m", _victimName, _killerName, _weapon, _distance]; }; (...) Tested with 2 Players, both had exactly 5000 humanity. Victim was killed by Killer. Victim humanity: 4700 (should be 4700) Killer humanity: 2987 (should be 4200) I dont get it, where else does epoch screw up the humanity? Anyone got any idea?
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