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  1. First off, whats the best method to find the EPOCH servers. I found one with EPOCH in the title by searching through the giant list with a few filters on. Then I loaded into the game with nothing as I expected but I was stuck on this island with a bunch of steel sheds and some closed off bunker. I died a few times trying to jump down from the rocks but was eventually able to. There appeared to be vendors in some of these sheds but I could not interact with them and the bunker was inaccessible. I had no choice but a 20min swim to another shore which pretty much turned me into a popsicle. I then searched one building and came out to see 4-5 heavily armed soldiers not too far away. Of coarse they opened up on me but I ran behind the house and got away. Are their soldier AI in this game? Maybe i stumbled upon a mission. Is there a different spawn point but that dreaded Guantanamo like place? Was I even on a correct Arma 3 epoch beta server?
  2. I get this error on starup too. It doesn't affect me logging in so no biggie.
  3. I had a mission last night right next to the gas station in Novy Sobor. It took me longer than expected having trouble killing the last three. So I circled around and got behind them to kill them. Since then all but the 3 recent NPC's had despawned but the loot crates and 2 Urals where still there. I hid the urals to log off and ran back to my truck and started filling my MTVR at the gas station. Just then another mission spawns 200m from me and unloads on my truck blowing it up with me barely escaping. Is there some way to prevent missions from using the same spawn point that was just used? For slow pokes like me that do everything solo and take a long time to loot.
  4. I hate that missions spawn right next to me when still cleaning up from finishing a previous mission. Lost all my stuff and my expensive truck when I had just finished moving the mission trucks and looting from a mission next to Novy Sobor and stop to get gas before heading home and another mission spawns in the same spot 200m from the gas station and unloads on me blowing up my truck and almost killing me while gassing up. Is there some way to prevent these missions from using the same spawn point twice in a row? Please give us time to loot everything and get away safely if we go solo and complete the previous mission. I do love doing missions.
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