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  1. vbawol, thank you for the reply.
  2. I have a vanilla Arma 3 Epoch server with Vert hosting. When trying to open a shipping container I get a dialog box stating "Script A3\Structure_F\scripts\Door_open.sqf not found". I am receiving this message using Build 9 and Build 2. I submitted a ticket for this issue, but Blake is not sure what is causing the error. He recommended that I run the 'Steam Update' function, which I previously did and it did not resolve the problem. It would seem that there is a script missing from the server side files, but I don't see an error message in either client or server .RPT logs. Anyone else having / herd of this issue? Thanks,
  3. **RESOLVED** I am having some strange problems. I've installed single currency and advance trade. I have no issues selling through the advance trade, but I cannot sell or buy cars, backpacks and guns through the normal trader menu (these are the only few items that I have tried to sell/buy). I get the menu, start trading but after the animation the vehicle or backpack is not sold and there was no transaction of coins. It states a trade is in progress and I have to log out to exit the trade sequence. I have no errors in my client side .RPT and nothing out of the usual on the service side RPT log. I used the Github for the source of the files, and modified the supplied fn_slefActions,sqf with the necessary modifications for advance trade, and call for that file in my custom compiles script. To experiment I removed advanced trade, and had the same issue with just single currency. Any help suggestion would greatly be appreciated. Thanks, Update: I reinstalled using the actions, compiles. config, gold, and gui files from another source and all is working as intended. I am not sure if; I installed incorrectly, and/or the files got corrupted at the point of download or uploading.
  4. The_Dude

    Epoch Supply Crates?

    On my server since the loot has been spawing in one pile at the supply drops just like the heli crashes. You can see lumber, plywood packs sticking out of the crate. When you break and deconstruct the crate there is access to the pile, but it is difficult to pick up.
  5. The_Dude

    Helicopter crashes and loot

    I''ve noticed the same thing when migrating from Epoch version 63/112555 to Overpoch Loot for all heli crash sites and supply drops spawn in one pile under the model.
  6. The_Dude

    [Resolved] Overpoch Loot Issue on Vert Hosting Server

    I was able to figure this out, didn't realize there were a lot of additional steps that I needed to get Epoch to use overwatch content. Big hat's off to Matijs who's tutorial video allowed me to figure out my mistakes! And, of course icomrade's loot table files.
  7. I am having trouble getting overpoch specific loot spawning on my Vert Hosting server running Napf (1.63/11255). Vert setup the server up with overpoch and I followed the tutorial by Matijs and used icomrade's loot tables. Adding DZE_MissionsLootTable = True; //Overpoch Loot Table to the mission init.sqf "#include "customloot\CfgBuildingLoot.hpp" to the mission description.ext. The RPT log has alot of spam, but this is the only error message that seems to be associated with overwatch is; "Conflicting addon Monaro in 'holdenmonarocop\', previous definition in 'holdenmonaro\' File nissan_350z\config.cpp, line 244: '/CfgVehicles/350zBase/Library.libTextDesc': Missing ';' prior '}' Is anyone who is using a Vert server able to get the overpoch guns to spawn in with some possible suggestions?
  8. The_Dude

    Server restarting randomnly

    I've been having the same issue. Started on Friday when I switched to (sent in a ticket with no response). Hopefully they get this straighten out soon.