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  1. Hello. Didn't tryed Epoch Mod for so long and desided to setup a server. I've found something strange. I've desided to setup x64 server and actually did that, but I can't connect to him due to Steam ticket failed error. I've to mantion that my server wasn't showed in Arma3's launcher list, but I can find him in the ingame Arma3's servers browser. I've checked all paths, ports, etc. twice or even more, without success. After that I've changed only the name of execution file from arma3server_x64.exe to arma3server.exe and that changed everything. Same paths, same ports. Epoch server with the arma3server.exe runs as intended. Server is listed in the Arma3's launcher list and I can connect to him without any errors. Don't kick me too hard, may be there were some mistakes, but I have 2 Arma3 servers up and running, 1 x32 and 1 x64 with different Mods. I do have Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 installed in both versions. Could that be something wrong with EpochServer_x64.dll? More information. ARMA3 X32 runs as expected. 20:13:14 Initializing Steam server - Game Port: 2402, Steam Query Port: 2403 20:13:14 Steam AppId from steam_appid.txt: 107410 20:13:15 Starting mission: ARMA3 X64 runs not as expected for some reason. 20:15:18 Initializing Steam server failed 20:15:18 Starting mission: But this happens before the epochserver_x64.dll is actually loaded. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello. Sorry man, last try. So, in my case I have Redis installed in Windows services. So I'll see this, while Redis is running. If I'll stop Redis service, I'll see this. How about you? :-)
  3. Hello. Looks like another instance of redis server already running with the default port bound. Do you have any services named redis? Cant bind. Just a thought. Good luck.
  4. Hello. Sorry, then. Thought, it's working as it should. I'm fine with the default settings. Good luck.
  5. Hello. 1000 times were discussed. https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/Sources/epoch_config/Configs/CfgEpochClient.hpp#L18 https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/Sources/epoch_config/Configs/CfgEpochClient.hpp#L26 Good luck.
  6. Hello. If you want to fix verification, you need to do the following. Find verifyClassnames.sqf. Find this code (269-330). And change to this.
  7. Hello. Need help here. EPOCH 0.3.4 + SEM 0.8.3. If SEM_punish_AIroadkill = true; and SEM_Krypto_AIroadkill = 150; then player will be banned by EPOCH AH. The reason is Crypto: -150. Is anyone able to help with the code? Server side: /* AI run over by vehicle */ if(SEM_punish_AIroadkill || SEM_reward_AIkill)then{ _this addEventHandler ["killed", { private["_u","_k","_vk","_s"]; _u = _this select 0; _k = _this select 1; _vk = vehicle _k; if(SEM_damage_AIroadkill)then[{ if(_vk isKindOf "Car")then{ if(abs speed _vk > 0)then{ if(_vk distance _u < 10)then{ if(isEngineOn _vk || !isNull (driver _vk))then{ SEM_vehDamage = _vk; (owner _vk) publicVariableClient "SEM_vehDamage"; if(SEM_Krypto_AIroadkill > 0)then{ {if(isPlayer _x)then{ (owner _x) publicVariableClient "SEM_Krypto_AIroadkill"; }}forEach (crew _vk); }; {deleteVehicle _x}forEach nearestObjects [(getPosATL _u), ['GroundWeaponHolder','WeaponHolderSimulated','WeaponHolder'], 3]; _u call SEM_fnc_removeGear; if({alive _x}count units group _u < 1)then{ _u spawn{sleep 5; createMine ["APERSTripMine", (position _this),[],0]}; }; }}}}else{ if(SEM_reward_AIkill)then{ SEM_Krypto_AIkill = ceil(skill _u * 10); (owner _vk) publicVariableClient "SEM_Krypto_AIkill"; }; }; },{ if(SEM_reward_AIkill)then{ SEM_Krypto_AIkill = ceil(skill _u * 10); (owner _vk) publicVariableClient "SEM_Krypto_AIkill"; }; }]; }]; };Client side: "SEM_Krypto_AIroadkill" addPublicVariableEventHandler { EPOCH_playerCrypto = EPOCH_playerCrypto - (_this select 1); };
  8. zhaleks

    Sapper-Free Bases

    Hello. And wouldn't it be great to breath new life in the Sumrak's bloodsuckers? I'm sure he'll be fine with it.
  9. Atis.hpp is in the a3_epoch_config.pbo, in the @Epoch folder, right? Both sides, server & client, right?
  10. Hi! Just a thought. You've editd altis.hpp on the both sides, server & client?
  11. So, delete everything within brackets in the blockedArea statement. Should looks like this: blockedArea[] = { }; And search for this string in the description.ext: buildingNearbyMilitary = 0; //1 to allow building nearby Good luck.
  12. Hi! All has been swallowed by Exile, supposedly. :-) Easiest way -get back to you old description.ext from 0.3.1, which sits in your epoch.something.pbo. Just change string epochVersion = ""; to epochVersion = "";. Text block blockedArea[] = { }; contains restricted zones coords. https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/ Good luck.
  13. Hi! Sorry lads, but the smoke problem still exist. There are no error messages, but the brown ones don't spawn green smoke, but sound is. The grey one didn't spawned smoke or sound until I've pressed the inventory button in front of his body. May be it's just me, so lucky?
  14. Hi! May be I don't understand some basic things… But this string includes text block from another file. So result should be the same. In final, description.ext should looks like description.ext from release 0.3.1? So why so many complains about cutting woods, ATMs?
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