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  1. We have been testing this script right out the box per say on a private server. We have 2 issues. 1 AI disapear right when you kill them. Unable to loot. 2 When mission complete the crate does not spawn.
  2. Thanks for the script. We made the ai spawns from 2 different factions and as you approach town it is like entering a war zone they fight each other and you. KOOL I will share info if needed.
  3. A mission map marker on off switch in the config file would be a great addon.
  4. vbawol thanks for the hint fixed it coordinates in the mission.sqm file for the "marker" spawns were incorrect.
  5. Upgraded to 2.5.2 now the server has no spawn portals in the start box area. Players after dying are stuck in the box.... Any help greatly appreciated.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I cannot seem to sell stuff to the trader. I can double click and get the item into the trade square but the trade button does not work. Any ideas.
  7. I am new to setting up epoch server, Runs pretty good 2.5.1 But my traders have no inventory to sell?
  8. Great script and support. Thanks ahead of time for all you do. http://pastebin.com/xAmVbusF
  9. Upgraded my server to all the latest Installed the tools 1.8 twice now. Still cannot get rid of this error 18:40:05 "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\REsec.sqf:Monitoring Remote Exe..." 18:40:05 Error in expression <ivate.sqf" if ((getPlayerUID player) in AdminList || (getPlayerUID player) in Mo> 18:40:05 Error position: <AdminList || (getPlayerUID player) in Mo> 18:40:05 Error Undefined variable in expression: adminlist I am a trial and error guy(not the best programmer) I can follow instructions. Any help greatly appreciated.
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