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  1. Thanks for you explaination axeman, I hope that soon there will be a way of preventing them from walking through walls. At least now I know and will inform the rest of my crew. KPABTOK, your post is not very Helpfull, bordering on insultive.
  2. Well just like to say the latest update, welcomes the return of the Cultist, (I missed this falla). However, there are one or two issues I would like to give feedback to. The Building System: Snap building leaves gaps between the wooden walls .The only way to correct the gap is to remove the panel and loose building materials in the process. In the past, The "move" fixed the problemPlease put back the Move option A.S.A.P.The pressing gear and esc to cancel building mode, didnt place the item back into my inventory. (lost more building gear) I gave up late last night due to a Boss sapper spawning near the base (jammer), running through a wall and exploding! thus taking out Me and two offroads of building materials that took over 14hrs of game play to collect. Two Darters in less than ten minutes whie I am still in the radius of my Jammer. A fix for the Antagonists being able to walk through walls would be nice. The only plus side to the building System I can see, is the Ladders and Solar panels, Not been able to do any more as a Boss Sapper ended the building experience.
  3. I dont wish to be argumentative here, but alot of players don't realise they can be chosen in the profiles. Besides, my character wears normal specs (an avatar thing), so is there anyway that I can manually add them manually to the loot spawn system on the server server?
  4. I had noticed that in the desc.ext, however removing it yields no loot at all. From what I see this is everything that produces metal scraps (maybe I am wrong, just guessing) I see no place that I can move cinderblocks_f.p3d to, that will produce the cinderblocks.
  5. Please see picture below http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=482961786
  6. this may seem strange, but we have placed helipads from the editor around the map(chernarus). In 3 weeks we have not had one blow up.... yet! maybe luck, but we have gone from heli blowing up regular to none in 3weeks.
  7. I have added a couple of wrecks to Chernarus, in the hope of getting the wrecks to spawn loot. Nothing is spawning at the wrecks so I checked the .rpt and the only refernce I can fine are quoted below Is this a problem with the a3_epoch_server pbo? if not is there something else I should be looking at? Thanks
  8. Oddy-B


    it has already been said that the only way to run Esseker is by turning off signiture verification, or asking the Esseker modders for the server files. Just be a liitle patient, and the flower will bloom......
  9. wow, this thread is makes more sense than my wife talking about her day
  10. Got them map working a Treat, but having problems with signiture verification. I have had to turn it off in config (which is not advisable).Been trying different things all afternoon, but not getting anywhere with it. dunno what to look at next.
  11. I have had it working tonight, got a few errors, but playable in the epoch setting. I have not altered the trader spawns, (used Chernarus as template), just got to find out why it is giving a key error and redo all staic locations & worldsize. Loot was spawning in as expected, antagnists joined the party, (sappers loved, they were having a blast). one or two "cannot load texture errors". but yeah no serious issues. Will start to working on it later.
  12. I am surprised! :o :D some problems i gotta workout, but yeah got to run around in epoch mode to get the feel of the map...
  13. Well, I for one will wait for it to become public. Just hope to get it working on EPOCH. Until then Chernarus it is.
  14. I meant how do i put the Esseker map on my server and is it avaible on realease The guys I play with seem very interested, not saying it would be popular, or how sucessful it is. We all have our own taste. Altis is too big for low pop servers. Chernarus is just the right size for us. Ezessker actually looks to be a refreshing change. One I would certianly like to explore.
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