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  1. That's not correct. I added that code to handle the moving of the object. Otherwise it would duplicate it. The anti hack I'm referring to is the one that prevents a user from creating random boxes. I'm not sure where it is and you may have tom adjust it the same way you have to allow players to spawn vehicles like bikes and atv's, but the difference is players will be able to spawn crates too. That's why I did t really go after it, I did t feel like adding extra layers of security. As to why R3F allows it and this doesn't, I couldn't tell you, i just translated it and fixed some logic errors that I was finding. If R3F works, you should use that since this is the same code, just without towing. You can disable towing in R3F I believe.
  2. I've seen this, I think it is the anti-hack that is not allowing the user to create a crate full of stuff. I haven't looked into solving it since it would probably break the anti-hack system too,
  3. FYI everyone, I updated the code to support updating the database after you move an object.
  4. I installed this and it works, but noticed a significant lag on the server. With it in, opening doors takes about 5 seconds. Without it, and many other add ins, all is well. Same lag with getting in vehicles and changing positions.
  5. Yeah I don't think the original script was ever meant to move things permanently but I can see how this would be helpful. I'll work on adding in the "write to hive" feature. I think I have an idea for how to do it. Lockable on restart might be a little more difficult, but let me see what I can do. Thanks for the feedback.
  6. Let me try and recreate these two issues on my server and see if it happens to me. I've not seen either of these two scenarios but I'll check
  7. This should have no effect on anything like that.
  8. Sorry I don't use Infinistar, I don't know how to configure it to work with this. I just converted the R3F packing portion, so maybe check out how to make it work for R3F and it'll be the same thing. Good luck.
  9. No, not an issue. That's just a debug line
  10. Has this broken for anyone else since the upgrade to Steam based play?
  11. Yeah it didn't work for me, and now I noticed that when I die, I can't even teleport myself. Ihave to disconnect and reconnect and I can teleport again. TP2ME is still not working. I checked out the overwatch files and saw the anti teleport thing too. For some reason it did t disable it for me. I'll have to do some digging,
  12. I think you're missing a Boolean condition as well. There should be seven true, false statements.
  13. If it helps, I can deploy everything with no issues, and use the bike, motorcycle, and mozzie. I don't think the script is the issue.
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