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  1. hey @salival can't really help with the before and after as I waited until this version to install. However, our feedback from what I would call a medium pop server (15-45) is that it's really good and we aren't having any of the issues previously reported in this thread. Thanks for a cracking script! :thumbsup
  2. read through the thread, there's a fix you have to do in infiSTAR for that.
  3. oh heavens....it was the former. Note to self, don't try and do this stuff while babysitting 3 under 5's! Thanks again and apologies
  4. @salival This seems to be working fine but, I am getting this error in the client rpt: Error in expression <garage_dialog = -1; player removeAction s_player_copyToKey; s_player_copyToKey => Error position: <s_player_copyToKey; s_player_copyToKey => Error Undefined variable in expression: s_player_copytokey File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Chernarus\dayz_code\compile\fn_selfActions.sqf, line 1146 Double checked my install and can't see I've missed anything but, happy to be severely scolded if I've been dense... :)
  5. superb, so if I just have 2 deployables in there; bike from toolbox and helipad from toolbox, I just need to add: DZE_ACTION_DEPLOYABLE_PACK_0 as the helipad is only removed from the garage dialog. So, it will look like this: "Tow_settings_dlg_CV_btn_fermer","Tow_settings_dlg_CV_titre","unpackRavenAct","vectorActions","wardrobe","s_garage_dialog","DZE_ACTION_DEPLOYABLE_PACK_0" ?
  6. @salival sorry to be your stalker dude but, can you let me know what the action is for packing the bike so, I can allow it in infiSTAR without having to turn the following to false: /* Check Actions ? */ _CSA = true; /* true or false */ /* this checks mousewheel actions */ I've searched through the bike folder and can't see the normal... s_player_xxx to add to the _dayzActions = [] in AHConfig.
  7. sorry one final question...where do vehicles go if you don't deploy a heli pad? Just thinking in case a player forgets etc...
  8. @salival I'm such a fool!. I can see that now. I was reading my bike deploy line above.... Sorry man, was probably a couple of coffees short this morning when I posted that.
  9. in the default install, is there anything to prevent a player placing a helipad well away from their base while another player at the flag fetches the vehicle? Or do we need to change plotnearby to true in the deploy config if we want to prevent that?
  10. no rpt errors apart from one related to infiSTAR. I know it's infiSTAR because I'm having to use an old version of infi due to people getting stuck loading in with "spawning items" on newer versions. But, every time I try the later versions out, the rpt error clears but, the getting stuck problem returns so, I have to revert. The error is this: 17:02:47 Error in expression <is_fnc_halo_soundLoop = time; playsound "BIS_HALO_Flapping"; bis_fnc_halo_actio> 17:02:47 Error position: <"BIS_HALO_Flapping"; bis_fnc_halo_actio> 17:02:47 Error Missing ; 17:02:47 File z\addons\dayz_code\compile\BIS_fnc\fn_halo.sqf, line 70 Spams twice at server startup only. Do you think it could be related?
  11. hmm, maybe I spoke a little too soon... Still getting the occasional mission not clearing. Nowhere near as bad as before I changed the win condition to crate but, every now and then, they get to the crate and it's still empty and the mission won't mark as complete. Anybody else getting this?
  12. Further to my last post, the changes above seem to have fixed both the problems of missions not clearing and the error in the rpt. 4 days on and all missions clearing fine and no errors. Thanks for the support guys @JasonTM @salival
  13. Well with @salival's fix the error seems to be cleared and with the win condition changed to crate on all but president, mayor and the patrols the missions seem to be completing fine as well. Don't want to speak too soon though as not all missions will have run yet so, will update this thread in a couple of days if still good or, sooner if not... Thanks for help guys. Pretty sure it's the pilot in the heli reinforcements...
  14. Thanks @JasonTM I know you can use kill as well but, using that meant that some missions for me weren't clearing even though all the AI were killed. I suspect it had something to do with reinforcements if the heli from the para drop isn't taken out as well. Even when it despawns....missions still wouldn't clear. So, I saw in one of the files ["kill",wai_kill_percent] as an example so, tried that. Anyway...it didn't work. Just meant that you had to kill all the AI. Also, the error still persists even with ["kill"] or ["crate"] so, I'm trying salival's fix above. Fingers crossed! :)
  15. @salival Thanks for the response. So, if I understand correctly, you just empty those files to only have the code in them that you quoted above?
  16. Thanks for your answer. Got them all I think, have attached a screenshot....? But, I think it maybe where I had tried this for mission completion: ["kill",wai_kill_percent], // ["crate"], or ["kill"], or ["assassinate", _unitGroup], As that was an option in one of the files. I've changed that to crate to see whether it goes away...
  17. Anyone seeing this error: 17:45:01 Error in expression <tion = wai_mission_data select _mission select 3; }; { _x setVariable ["Aggress> 17:45:01 Error position: <select 3; }; { _x setVariable ["Aggress> 17:45:01 Error select: Type Number, expected Array,Config entry 17:45:01 File z\addons\dayz_server\WAI\compile\bandit_behaviour.sqf, line 14 I haven't touched that file so, I'm guessing it's something else in the config that's causing it...? EDIT: Happens for the hero behaviour file as well
  18. good to see you still playing with arma bud :)
  19. and you're using overwatch traders yes? so, did you leave the call in the init to look like this: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "scripts\traders\server_traders.sqf"; and then copy the contents of server_traders - overwatch.sqf into server_traders.sqf ?
  20. @salivalIs it possible to put a -1 "worth" to disable something from being bought or sold? In the same way as with the briefcase system...
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