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  1. I am also getting the duping problem on my server and currently can only really deal with this through spectating and punishing reactively. I'm not going to explain here how it's done as I know the experts who can help me prevent it already know how it's done. I have searched high and low for a fix in the forums but can't find anything. I have a suggestion for a script but, I'm a n00b server admin (3 months) and certainly nowhere near the level of scripting. Wouldn't the easiest way to solve this problem be a script that simply empties any backpack put into storage or vehicle immediately, rather than waiting for a restart as currently happens. Maybe a pause and warning message to the player telling them that their pack will be emptied if they continue? Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Also, as I'm new to this forum please advise if I have posted in the wrong place. Thanks BaroN
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