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  1. vilayer is awsome (for me) thats all il say on it in this thread :P but ya those changes need to not be skipped regardless of importance to avoid future errors (ie traders/vehicle spawns and the like) but you knew that :p
  2. ya , but il be all up to date when vilayer is done updating all their nodes and they put the new beta up ... however long that takes thnx for the infos tho uys :D, also side note 1.0.5 has database changes (according to my host) so (for some) its best not to jump versions update to 1.0.5 then (if this applies to anyone else hope this info helps)
  3. im aware of the procedures were required to do to get things going , and i still call Cluster-F on it all , real sad we have to ask in game solutions from players when were the server manager to fix issues totally out of (most players) understanding. So im sitting still for now , and I certainly dont plan on doing anything till this dust settles on all this, especially with my hosts current situation. (my host has not yet completed their backend for compatibility)
  4. You sound like just the kinda guy il be re-banning now since it looks like i was right .... also im over 30 ... kid ... flame bait failure. Now try to stick to the actual topic here and less on other peoples simple questions based on facts, if you have no idea what your talking about. k thnx. So if i read correctly this basically resets everyone everything back tot the stone age of dayz , we all get new characters new ID's retain nothing from your old character, and every ban ever is reset.. sounds like a cluster-F if i ever saw one ... just like the messages from my host sound like its a cluster-F on their end too...as i wait for them to figure out when and how to do this forced one day update across their entire service, without any clear idea still how this is actually going to proceed. il say it for a forth time no rage just facts .. its a cluster-F. enjoy kids! lol ps , ive simply sat on 103718 and epoch with no probs till now ....because clearly theres no clear idea of how this should go which is a real shame for something months in the making here.
  5. from an earlier post (GUID) "It's used by admins to do local bans and used by BE to globally ban players" so everyone who ever got banned is now free to re-hack and run amok since itl all be new ID's? real nice should be a fun flashback to servers being nuked and rainbows flying out of peoples butts... this is turning into an official cluster-f
  6. heres where i posted the script to delete dzai in safezones enjoy! http://opendayz.net/threads/release-ai-delete-in-safe-zones.20109/
  7. its more likely because the OP was edited at least twice now and not correct any of them lol , the file name and call to it (werent) and still arent the same, the caps on the letters will effect it in most cases (specially on windows system) works for me when i name the file and the call to it the same case, thanks for the script
  8. and again would be really great if you could share your changes to get that working a lot of us are interested im sure! also i got that ai delete in safezones working if your still looking for that, let me know.
  9. https://github.com/vbawol/DayZ-Epoch/issues/1141
  10. oh snap i was hoping that was possible as soon as i got this to work ! any help files instructions on how you did all that? also am i supposed to see the hint dialogs on the top right side about the spawns ? can i turn them off comment them out? or should they only be running on the HC and i have something wrong going on ? And also to the OP thanks for the great release and info i found it all easy to follow and got this working in no time wth this post!
  11. we just finally got this to work and will post it up in a release thread il link to here once its up!
  12. maybe im being a bit nitpicky here but kinda a dick move to post in a mod thread that you have the same mod , then go on to not be the same functionality and have to compensate for it , to boot you niether posted the code here when talking about it, or when others have clearly been asking for it on forums (forums your clearly watching to have posted here). Seems your easy 5 lines coulda helped out had you ever posted it, even now ... also your solution isnt complete with logic as the one offered here intends , needing to admin or compensate for not having functionality isnt the same. Anyways if you like spending your time admining rather then having it offer a near complaint proof system that only requires the same general cleanup of traders you normally should be performing then you have .. i was goiung to say two choices but as you havent posted code ...everyone elses choices are limited, but you can clearly choose not to use this. sorry but this kinda stuff gets ma goat and i probably come off a bit dickish but ... just post code if you have code it helps everyone or dont elude to it or brag or whatever that thing is pple seem to need to do on forums.
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