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  1. Running the latest InfiStar BE Filters and i got kicked for a Public Variable #0 "DDOPP_pvSay" = [<NULL-object>,"Taser_Hit"] I needed to add !"DDOPP_pvSay" !"DDOPP_pvAnim" !"DDOPP_pvSpawn" !"DDOPP_pvChat" to the first line to stop the kick
  2. I garbed the git hub version, Must have overlooked thing's while porting my changes over.. Thanks for your help, i will look into it and let you know how i go
  3. G'day guys, I have updated DZMS to the lastest (GitHub) version and ported over my modifications the problem is, Missions start, Scenery creates and the box create, but no ai and i am unable to complete the mission Error in the RPT 20:05:07 [DZMS]: Running Major Mission SM6. 20:05:54 Error in expression <799, 0],6,2,"DZMSUnitsMajor",true,true] ExecVM DZMSAISpawn; sleep 5; [[(_coords > 20:05:54 Error position: <ExecVM DZMSAISpawn; sleep 5; [[(_coords > 20:05:54 Error execvm: Type code, expected String 20:05:54 File z\addons\dayz_server\DZMS\Missions\Major\SM6.sqf, line 46 DL link to my DZMS folder https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/11303560/DZMS.rar if needed i can post my full RPT, But its spammed with hive creates at the moment as it is a fresh server Note; I did not change my mission's, as far i can tell they formatting and coding hasn't changed.. Waiting till 1.0.5 to update missions Thanks for you help in advance! B)
  4. ^This Im just waiting for Vilayer to tell me its been updated :/ nothing i can do till then, all my players will have to directly connect via IP
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