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  1. Ah great, after work I'll hop on there. Good to know. Thanks.
  2. Oh, thank you! That answers my question then. I did have to use the admin menu to spawn a repair kit, I never noticed finding one while looting, so that makes sense. I made another post earlier on the Custom Spawn Location/Loadout script thread...I don't know how alive these forums still are, it's been awhile since I frequented here, but if you had a second, I'd greatly appreciate you reading my post in that thread and maybe offering your opinion. Thank you!
  3. Okay so, when I download and install the original version of the addon (not GRG's) it actually works up until it's time to spawn, then nothing happens. I can select gear and spawn location at the podium, but when I double click a location, nothing happens. Something seems to be up with GRG's version? I think it may be beyond my skill to fix though. Has anyone else tried GRG's version lately?
  4. Well, nevermind BE filters for the moment, I disabled BE and joined my server and the script isn't working at all, I just have the default spawn booths with their default functions. I've triple-checked how I installed it though...I added the necessary lines to my mission's init.sqf, description.ext, and added the addons\halv_spawn folder, and repacked the mission PBO. Don't understand what I've done wrong at this point? EDIT: So it looks like at least the addon's init.sqf is being called properly because I changed "_deletedefaultteleporters = false;" to "true", and the default teleporters are now gone and the stands are there with the handprint texture, but the scroll wheel does nothing on those stands, I tried all 3 of them, they seem to just be dead models. Really don't understand what I could have done wrong here.
  5. Hello, Is there a list of battleye exceptions I need to add for this script? I installed the one GRG posted, but I'm getting BE kicks one after another, it reached the point where I added the next filter and it just kept reporting the same filter as the problem, so I'm stuck at this point. Appreciate any help.
  6. I'm building a server on my local machine (going to finish it locally before I upload it to a paid host). I noticed yesterday that the Vehicle Repair Parts/Kit doesn't appear to be usable on damaged vehicles the normal way (double-clicking it and using it). When I do that standing next to and facing a damaged vehicle that belongs to me, I only get the "CRAFT" option. The only way I was able to use it was to drag it from my inventory to a quick key at the bottom of my screen and then press that quick key. Is this a known issue? I don't have many scripts installed yet. I read somewhere that it only works if you open the vehicle's inventory while attempting it, but that made no difference. Anyone else experienced this before? Thanks.
  7. Solved...admin saw me having trouble connecting and fixed the glitch...thanks
  8. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has the contact info of an admin on the Diesel's Shop server. Something glitched and I've been autobanned from the server, and I've searched everywhere and can't find any contact info of anyone that runs that server. I was not fucking hacking...I bought something from a black market trader, and bam, autobanned. Really would like to get back in there...it's a decent server. Does this autoban last forever?
  9. There are just sooooo many servers out there...only a few of them actually have players, and they're all the super-heavily modified militarized/slow zombie/coin currency...often there are many bugs on them too, from personal experience. I'm spending a lot of time fine-tuning and personalizing and squashing bugs locally on my server before I make it public, I refuse to make the server public if there are any glaring bugs or error messages showing up...but looking at the list of servers already out there and the population trends toward certain types of servers...will my server (closer to vanilla than others, few extra starting items, basic mods, skin/spawn select, normal gold-based currency, mix of PVP and PVE aspects, more realism-based) just stay empty like the tens of hundreds of others out there? I'm shooting for the best quality I can with this server... I guess just looking at the list is discouraging. Is there any point?
  10. Oh.. that's definitely not what I was looking for, but at least he was nice enough to try for me. I found what I was looking for though...I dug through an old nekro'd thread and found a script that, when added to AGN's safe zone script, despawns zombies around the trade zone when a player enters the trade zone. It's working. My server doesn't require plotpoles to build, so it shouldn't start despawning zombies when you get near someone else's buildings...assuming that's what the canbuild thing does.
  11. So if I drop this code into my AGN safe trader script it will work? Or does it need to be its own separate script? By looking at that code I assume it will despawn all zombies within a 50 yard radius of the safe zone?
  12. I've looked everywhere for a "zombie shield" kind of script just for safe zones, but the ones I've tried must be outdated because they don't work. Just something that will despawn zombies in addition to AI if they enter a certain radius within the safe trader zones. I used to have a perfect script for this last year when I was playing, but of course since it worked so well, I'll never find it again. lol
  13. Unfortunately that script doesn't work...zombies everywhere in the trader zones. :(
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