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  1. Hi, I'm moving to Arma 3. In Arma 2 the player body parts are: head_hit, body, legs, hands. What are the player body parts on Arma 3? Thankyou.
  2. if (player getVariable "mind" == "want to cheat") then { _canHaveFugitive = false; }; Simple as that.
  3. This check is impossible to to do without a script that read players mind.
  4. Nice. For island maps where most of the map size is water its better to increase the _gridN option. The map will be separated is _gridN x _gridN areas that will be used as destination for the helis, but places on water are ignored.
  5. There are some rules to select a fugitive, and one of the rules is "its desirable that the fugitive to be choosem is isolated form other players".
  6. Ported to Chernarus. V0.15. Download and instructions here: http://www.brpvp.com.br/
  7. You can traslate the page pressing the traslation buttom: http://mixgames.xyz/
  8. A battleEye restriction have nothing to do with a script work or not work. You don't know how to deal with a battleEye restriction. And i don't have the time to teach you. So... Good luck.
  9. Linux, This is a nice solution, but if for some reason you need to restart the server outside the normal restart times, this solution will not work.
  10. Hi, I'm trying to do a force save all on DB before the server restarts. The best situation is make Bec starts the save process 1 minute before restart. There is any way to make Bec run a server scipt? Thankyou!
  11. Tang0, Can you say when the date of the version you is using? Thankyou!
  12. I believe they are pratolling but you had no luck to find then with no map icons.
  13. Be sure to disabel the _CUF function in infiStar, or most of your bots will not work properly. Can you check is _CUF is set to false?
  14. Bricktop Any error on the server RPT file? Try to use: _mapSize = 12000; _gridN = 35; Eldubya, you can change the heli classnames. but make sure there is room for all AI units or they will fall to the ground.
  15. You used any admin tool to find the helis? the script do not show then on map.
  16. Hi, I would love to use a in-house anti-hack & admin tool for Epoch, but it don't exists. I have a infiStar license, and would like to know what is the better infiStar version to work with Epoch Its a hard question, i know, but any opnion count a lot. Thankyou!
  17. Bricktop, It work with any map. Just set the map configurations on the initial part.
  18. Thankyou for the links. The scripts posted here, If not declared any kind of license, have a natural license inherited from Arma 2?
  19. Thankyou for the replyes. Robio, can you point me the correct license?
  20. Hi, A game servers company is selling my script for $20. You pay and receive the server with the script. A pit since the script is extremelly easy to install. i was aware of this some days ago when searching for a host to my Mod. I, as the creator of the script, have any right over this? Thankyou.
  21. After the last Arma 2 update the med box don't have so many slots. So when the slots are all used, the subsequent added items flood to outside the box because there is no room for it.
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