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  1. So is there anyway to remove the current Self Transfusion option or will this script automaticlly do so?
  2. Hey guys, So as you know from the title, the built in self transfusion option doesn't work. Is there a way I can remove it and install Self Bloodbag instead?
  3. Hey man, I can help you out Contact me on Skype: JustThatCool
  4. cheap $5 to $10 to full mission servers, simple questions all free
  5. Been getting a ton of requests, honestly nice to see all the messages!
  6. I simply did this by copying the database files, for the building objects and launching them in in the infistar building section
  7. I was thinking, And I though it would be cool if you could add squad logo's to weapons and maybe vehicles? I think it would create more of a gang/group feeling to epoch. I understand groups/clans are already really big, but his could bring a another level of being a survivalist to epoch. For example, lets say kill messages and such are off, and you kill someone. You could check there helmet, gun, or vehicle and you would know what clan just tried a raid on your base/murder you!
  8. Yes this is a common problem with my infistar, its whitelisting other scripts instead of just infistar menu (happens to me on tow and lift, agn commander, bloodbag so on), if you are using a server providers version of infistar and its not self-installed in the mission and server pbos it happens the most.
  9. You might be missing a percentage in there, or maybe a letter, I knew some scripts have missing commas and such so go thru and check to make sure everything is right.
  10. Please contact me on skype and Panda to answer your question it means that I will script whole mission and server pbos with scripts wanted and yes if you know what your doing its fast, but thats not the point its abotu helping them that cant do it
  11. Hey man! Contact me on Skype Username: JustThatCool
  12. Hey man contact me on Skype Skype Name: JustThatCool
  13. Welcome, Since my recent server shutdown, I'm understand how hard it can be to script for servers. So I'm here to relieve stress on server owners who are new to scripting, or if you just need help on single scripts. No I will not "create" a script but I will help individuals with existing scripts and help modify existing scripts. What I do: Full Mission and Server pbos Single Scripts Community/Clan websites Loading Screen Designs (Nothing to Advanced) Payment Models Most jobs here, I will do for free (unless your a asshole). But major projects aka entire mission and server pbos, websites, loading screen designs, or entire servers, yes I will charge you. But I do love doing this so most of the simple questions that come to me, yes I will help you for free. To All That Disapprove I am simply here to help new server owners or to help existing scipters with there or others scripts. I am not here to horde money from people who are incapable of doing it themeselves. How To Contact Me To contact me simply message me here on EpochMod.com, or OpenDayZ.net I will soon have a website going up where you can fill out a form and browse the community postings for DayZ Scripting! -JustThatCool [Edit] WEBSITE STATUS: 51%
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